Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our frater Eduardo

Eduardo, the star of the movie Bella has come through again for the cause of life speaking in a video that is making the rounds of the internet and raising a little controversy along the way.

Check it out here on Jill Stanek's page.

Keep up the good work, mi amigo.

time to get serious

The last few days the economic problems of Wall Street have stolen all of the time, attention and energy from the presidential campaign. All of this is being fanned by the media which sees it inuring to the benefit of Barack Obama. Certain Democrats and Republicans in Washington have been to willing to trust everything to one person. Fortunately the people want some more safeguards and some real reform of the system. So how do these events affect the life issues?

First I find the timing interesting. Forget October surprise. they want an entire fall set of surprises.

Second, it was interesting that as long as the social issues, marriage, family, pro-life were in the news, McCain's stock was rising and Obama's falling. This once again proves the unconventional wisdom that being pro-life is a winning issue.

The press was frustrated that Obama was not doing better. They even began to play the race card. Then Paulson comes out with the "sky is falling" announcement and all of a sudden the media is in control talking about issues that the average person cannot easily understand without a grease board.

Well there is no doubt that the r is a serious situation that must be properly addressed. But as one might advise a client, never sign anything without reading or understanding it. The risks are just too great. That advice applies to Congress as well.

So with the "above my pay grade" gift being shelved for now, we in the pro-life movement have got to get back to good old fashioned one on one communications. Each of us needs to promote to sympathetic voters the importance of electing John McCain. Depending on how the person is approaching the campaign will affect your arguments to support McCain. If the person is of a particular religious persuasion, use the teachings of that tradition to help them form their conscience to choose wisely. If the person likes to think of himself as logical and analytical, use the common sense arguments that do not touch upon religion. Understand your audience.

From a pro-life point of view, there is no choice. John McCain will act to protect human life, will not promote abortion, will select judges who respect the natural law
and the constitution, and will not allow your tax dollars to be spent killing babies.

Barack Obama will do the opposite.

Obama is owned and controlled lock stock and barrel by Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion services in the world. They want abortions paid for by the taxpayer. So if Planned parenthood gets its way, the over one million abortions would cosat teh taxpayer anywhere from 600,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 dollars.

Obsma supports the so called Freedom of Choice Act that would dismantle all state laws restricting abortions.

He will choose only liberal pro-abortion judges for the Supreme Court.

The Democrats have embraced the culture of death with their platform and with their candidate.

Only you and I are set to keep them from destroying this country though the wholesale marketing of abortion.

This is not hyperbole. These are the facts.

No one who truly respects human life can support people who would allow for its destruction.

send a donation to Arizona Right to Life so we can continue to educate the public on the truth about the destructive nature of abortion - a destructive nature not just to the mother, not just to the child, not just to the father, but the the whole natuion as well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin draws 60,000 = press ignores her

Sarah Palin drew a crowd of over 60,000 people in Florida the other day.

The reaction of the press- ho hum.

Ask yourself where did you hear about the crowds.

Did you hear about the 18,000 who met her in Colorado Springs?

And she did not have to hire a rock band to draw the people.

Let me predict that the way that the mainstream media is going to deal with Palin from now on is to ignore her. They think that she is simply a creation of their obsession and if they do not talk about her, she will go away.

The truth is that Gov. Sarah Palin strikes a chord with all Americans.
She loves her country in an honest forthright way.
She believes in God and is not afraid to say she wants to do His will.
She loves life, born and unborn, and family and her husband and her children.
She became governor not through marriage, or by knowing the powers that be, or by eliminating the competition through the old boys' network, but with hard work and an honest message of reform.

She continues to surprise everyone. She is the Alaskan Avalanche.

Now keep passing the word that Sarah Palin has the media shaking in their collective boots.

And make sure everyone is registered to vote.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Powerful Witness for Life

In a powerful witness for life, Gianna Jessen challenges Barack Obama on his support for infanticide. Gianna is a survivor of a failed abortion when she was seven months in the womb. Listen to her testimony and then pass this on to anyone who thinks Barack Obama ought to be president.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Stakes Are High - the unborn depend on you

Perhaps it is my simple faith in the basic decency of people that accounts for my generally optimistic view of the world. Yes, I know man is fallen and prone to sin. Yes, I realize that there will never be heaven on earth and that every day affords each of us an opportunity to grow in the grace of God. That having been said, why is it that among those who should be pleased with the choice of Governor Palin, a strongly pro-life candidate who chose life for her most recent child, do I find rancor and bitterness and a doomsday mentality?

Is it because their old enemy John McCain has turned out to be a fairly smart politician? Or is it perhaps that he has actually listened to those who have advised him to choose someone that could relate to the base?

How many times does he have to state it for the record that he is pro-life? How many times does he have to promise to select judges like Roberts and Alito? How many times does he have to point out his 26 year record of pro-life votes?

McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin has energised the Republican Party in a way that I have never in my 36 years of political life ever seen. She has excited people who were glum about this election. She has reminded women that they do not have not settle for warmed over dried out pro-abortion feminism to put a woman in the White House or at least next door. She has shown a real compassion for for children in a way that dismisses the liberal village approach to that corner. She is sharp and if you do not believe me, then watch her on some of the interviews this past spring.

For all the noise surrounding John McCain, I see someone who truly believes that he is following a special call this time. His love of country is genuine. He is as Peggy Noonan has characterized from the "old America." As I have watched him, I have noticed a difference in the way he carries himself. There is a "something" that has given me the opinion that he is really listening to those of us who also care about this country.

The stakes are very high. This is not some lab experiment where we have more than one chance to get it right. The election of a Democrat who favors abortion, who wants to promote abortion, who calls pregnancy a punishment, who cannot with an honest face tell us when a baby gets human rights, who misrepresented his position on the infanticide bill while in the State senate in Illinois, who has promised planned Parenthood that the first bill he wants to sing into law is the Freedom of Choice Act which would nullify all state law restrictions on abortion and who wants tax payer funded abortion through universal health care, would be a disaster for the children and their mothers.

So please do not waste your vote on a third party candidate. Ask these third party candidates why they have not been building up their constituencies over the last four years. Ask them why they want to see Barack Obama win the White House. Ask them to justify having the Democrats control both the executive and legislative branches of government. Ask them to remember the Carter days.

Then remember what I have said about this campaign all along.

McCain is pro-life. (the stem cell issue is, thanks to science, yesterday's news and he knows it and supports adult stem cell research).

McCain will select pro-life judges. Please remember if he is elected and the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary want to play games, he will not compromise with those former colleagues, he will pick some brother senator like a John Cornyn from Texas who is well respected by his colleagues. He is not going to let them define him or control him.

McCain wants Roe v. Wade reversed. He has repeatedly stated that he wants Roe reversed. He has told me numerous times that it is a terrible decision. He recently said it during an interview the other day.

McCain wants to improve the prospects for adopting children. Think about it. There are over 2 million couples certified to adopt and over 1 million abortions each year. McCain has an adopted daughter. He and his wife Cindy will be advocates to promote adoption over abortion. With fellows like Senator Sam Brownback to assist, we could create an environment that welcomes children as opposed to disposing of them.

McCain wants to shrink the size of government and reduce wasteful spending. What is more wasteful than giving Planned Parenthood money for its sickening programs. A McCain-Palin Administration could shut off the wasteful spending and seriously cripple Planned Parenthood.

I realize that setting aside old grudges is difficult. Yet for the sake of the unborn children I would hope that we all could agree to set aside differences and work to elect McCain-Palin and defeat the pro-abortionists Obama and Biden.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The pro-abort media crack-up

Te entry of Sarah Palin in to the race has really thrown the mainstream media for a loop.

Now their articles have gone from the vitriolic to the absurd. Take for example the article in Newsweek by Jacob Weisberg.

Not only are his arguments silly, but the whole premise is stupid. I realize that it may seem harsh but lets just look at the headline of the story.

Palin's pro-life extremism is as ethically flawed as it is politically damaging to the GOP.

First he calls being "pro-life" extremist. So if I want someone to protect you form being killed, I am an extremist?

Then he uses the term "ethically flawed" to describe Governor Palin's decision not to kill her baby.

Weisberg then attempts to shoehorn some major inconsistencies, such as supporting the right of the child to be born somehow undermines the stable family home. Forget thew fact that he ignores the long term negative consequences of killing the baby both upon the baby and the mother. He dismisses the story in the movie Juno as unrealistic -except that I have personally handled those types of adoptions where it was a win-win for those concerned. Then he attempts to once again embellish the myth that McCain really wanted Ridge as vice president but could not because of us nasty pro-life extremists.

These lefties are really freaking out. Sorry to say that but it is true. Because we did not condemn the Palin family, because we did not demand that Sarah stay home and raise that Downs baby and not go near the public office, and because we expressed compassion and sympathy for what we all knows happens every so often even in the best families, we are all extremists and Jacob Weisberg is mad.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Flunking High School Biology

Perhaps the American education system is not so great after all.

Perhaps we need to review what it is we are teaching our students especially in biology.

I say this because I am once again flabbergasted to read that not only does the democratic presidential nominee claim not to know when human life begins, but now we have the vice presidential hopeful stating that while he believes life begins at conception, it is a matter not of science but of faith.

It seems Joe Biden was asked on Meet the Press when life began. He told Tom Brokaw that for him, life began at conception. But instead of recognizing the scientific reality such an answer reflects, he made it into an article of faith.

The problem is for Joe Biden that it is not an article of faith. It is a scientific fact.

Is he a part of the flat earth society that believes the earth is flat?
Would he have argued in the 1850s that while he believed that Blacks were human beings, he could not impose such a belief on his fellow man through laws that would protect all persons?

What about atheists? Can they not know the facts of life without believing in God?
Did someone tell Nat Hentoff about this?

Has Biden read what Hentoff has said about Obama?

Acknowledging the humanity of the unborn child is not an act of faith. Any person can use his reason to determine from the scientific evidence when the individual human person's life begins. Biology tells all of us, even Joe Biden and Barack Obama, that the human being commences his or her life at the moment of conception. If you cannot read, just watch an ultrasound of an eleven week old unborn baby and tell me who or what is moving in the mother's womb.

And it is not exactly difficult to do a little homework to figure out the the unborn child is a member of the human family.

A couple of fellows though who cannot figure out the difference between accepting something on faith as opposed to understanding science do not strike me as competent to hold the highest office in the land.

Perhaps they need to repeat high school biology.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A successful Conference

this weekend's AZRTL Conference was a great success due to the extraordinary efforts of our staff and the wonderful speakers who came into Arizona to share their thoughts and dreams on how to aid to the struggle to protect all human life.

If you wanted to attend but were unable, we have the talks available for a small donation. Of course we always appreciate any gift you might be able to make to help us in our work.

Again our thanks to the speakers, the volunteers who helped put together the conference and all though who attended.
Perhaps we can all agree to increase the level of our involvement in this most important work of saving the unborn and protecting those being threatened because of their infirmity.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Delivers

Last night at the GOP Convention everyone anticipated Governor Sarah Palin's address to the delegates. The excitement was amazing and the fears of some were only matched by the confidence of others.

Well as you know by now she hit a home run. Or as one delegate said a grand slam.

As i listened to the speech, I could feel the excitement around me as she delivered each line with grace, poise and determination. After she would make an important point, she would pause and smile just a little, as if to say, don't mess with me.

Today as the GOP prepares for McCain's address to the nation, even the liberal pundits had to sit up and take notice that the small town major and governor form the energy rich state of Alaska is not going to wilt under the pressure of liberal biased media.

Perhaps now the campaign will focus on issues.

Perhaps now we can compare the Democratic Candidate who considers pregnancy a punishment with the Republican Candidate who welcomed and adopted a little baby with special medical needs

The one who cannot answer a simple question about when we as people get human rights versus John McCain who knows that all human rights commence at conception.

See you on Friday at the AZRTL dinner and Saturday at the AZRTL Conference. You can still register by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

At the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota

Well here I am at the GOP convention. Arrived Tuesday afternoon and after a short visit to the St. Paul Cathedral ( beautiful), I made my way to the Xcel Center where I met up with Hugh Hewitt and listened to Tommy Espinoza of Phoenix give one of the speeches in support of Senator McCain. what i found very interesting was the lack of any coverage in the local press to the story about a major Hispanic leader speaking at the republican convention. His remarks were powerful and from the heart.

The convention has been galvanized by McCain's pick of Governor Palin. And as Peggy Noonan said, her entry into the world of national politics would change the face of women in politics for years to come. If the Republicans can get behind this team and share her story with the American people, there will be such a response as none have seen.

Americans are looking for authenticity. They want real people, not fluff stuff served up by a condescending media and elitist press. While they are capable of great periods of apathy, at heart all of us want what is best for the nation.

Protecting human life is something good, true and beautiful .

Sarah Palin wants to protect all innocent human life.

So the media has set out to destroy her. And it will continue to get even more viscous as the media realizes that there is not much to use. They cannot allow for an articulate conservative woman to be liked by the American people. It violates their world view that an accomplished women would be pro-life, pro-family, and fiscally sound. Imagine what would happen to the liberal control of the Democratic party if Democrat women realized that they did not have to kiss the feet of the pro=abortion pro-homosexual power in the party. Imagine if Latinos and Blacks told the party that they do not and will not support the culture of death but instead want a culture of Life. Imagine woman and men doing what is natural to their nature - defending and protecting innocent human life.

The attacks on Sarah and her family have been horrid. But they are only words compared with the attack the enemy makes every day on the unborn babies throughout this country. Stand up and defend the right to life. Get involved as if your life and their lives depend on it.

Hopefully I will be able to post more as the day continues.