Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Powerful Message in The Giver needs to be heard today

After seeing the movie The Giver, I wanted to shout to all the world how important this movie could be to a generation who has grown up with visual images and a certain infatuation with technology. At the same time I did not want to give away the plot line and ruin the awakening that takes place both for the character and the viewer alike. So while encouraging people to see the film, I did not reveal the story line or the symbolism rampant throughout the movie.

Well now a couple of weeks after opening, I will repeat myself in this regard.  Please do yourself a big favor and go see the movie. Do not wait. And if you have nay children older than 10, bring them with you.  And then discuss the movie when you leave the theater.  Our children need to hear the message of this film.   In fact, directing a conversation is extremely important after watching the movie.  You will be surprised at what the children will reveal.

I still do not intend to give away the plot. But I will tease you all a bit and suggest that the world is supposedly free from pain, sorrow, hurt, and loss. Indeed all sadness has been removed.  And there is no memory of the past, of war, or all things tragic. Everyone is the same and everyone enjoys being the same. It is the story of one young man and his selection - what that selection means - and how he confronts this supposedly perfect world.

As predicted the critics are not fond of this film or its message. This factor almost requires us to see the film over and over again.

If you want a treat, read the books. Yes books. Lois Lowry, the author, decided to finish the story that she starts in The Giver. There are three companion books which simply are amazing and profound.

Understand this - if the young audience truly understands the message of this movie, then the ranks of our pro-life movement will swell and positive change will happen. And then everyone will finally begin to see what the world was intended to be.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

the labeling of persons

Not much to say when a master explains it all. Just read this.

Although I will say I thought about and spoke about the very idea of true friendship over 20 years ago. ( Yes I am getting old.)

 I was really upset with the characterizing of true filial affection for homosexual inclination.

Now when you are done reading the first article from First Things, read this.
This gentleman explains it quite well.

Friendship - that sweet elixir from the gods.

How sad that so many people have no idea of it.

What the movie "The Giver" can give to viewers

Tonight was opening night for the new movie, The Giver. Based upon the 1994 Newbery Medel winning novel by Lois Lowry, the movie tells a story of a world where "sameness" is held in the highest regard, everything is peaceful and calm and only the government can make any decisions. The lives of the members of the "Community" are controlled from birth through death and in its desire for "peace, , contentment and no pain," the community has given up freedom. We follow the life on one young man who confronts this reality and watch how he deals with it.

Do not expect the critics to like this film.

The pro-life themes are quite apparent and will slap the secular mindsets, some of whom would actually prefer this kind of world if they could be in control.

If you have read the book, you may be surprised to see that the film takes the story line and brings it to life in some very unique ways. However to explain them now would rob the viewer of the thrill of having it revealed. So I will avoid saying anything about the story other than to say the leads - Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep provide excellent performances. The rest of the cast does a very fine job of inviting the viewer consider what this kind of world means.

The movie asks the viewer to think - these days that is a bit of a novelty - and to consider what kind of world one would have that robs every person of their unique individuality.

Much to think about.

Go see the film  and then tell me what you think.