Sunday, February 14, 2010

Girl coerced into having abortion

The next time the abortion industry tries to claim that it is all about "choice," tell them about the high school counselor who coerced the 15 year old girl into having an abortion. In a lawsuit filed in New Jersey, a 15 year old and her parents a are alleging that a high school guidance counselor badgered a 15 year old girl into having an abortion after transferring into the school that assured her and her parents that the school understood that the daughter and her parents intended her to have the baby.

Once again the LIE about choice is exposed by their own actions.

Abortion hurts women and kills children.

Anyone who supports abortion either has no idea of how it impacts upon women, children and society, or does not really care about women, children and society.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Now that the crowd has emptied the stadium

For all the sports fans who appreciate the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat," yesterday's Super Bowl XLIV will go down as most memorable. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and to the people of New Orleans.

What was also memorable was the two weeks of flurry surrounding the "controversial" Focus on the Family ad involving Tim Tebow and his mom. Pro-abortion forces tried to pressure CBS in to dumping the ad. For two weeks the Tebows were subjected to slanderous assaults on their character while liberal pundits complained about this ad from the "anti-choice, homophobic, extreme right wing" conservative organization.

When the dust settled and the ad had been seen by millions, almost everyone who saw the ad realized how insanity has taken hold of the pro-abortion industry.

The Tebow ad was a simple humorous and very innocuous celebration of the love between a mother and her son - who happens to be a pretty decent fellow and a darn good quarterback. Wow - real controversial - a mother who loves her son and a son who is appreciative of his mother.

But never let it be said that the NOW cows and the NARAL wackos had any clue on decency. Nor let it be said that they even understand some of the values lived by the Tebows or any family that really believes in the sanctity of life. No, the best thing that happened was that the American people saw how empty and shallow are the extremists that promote abortion.

Now is the time to remind the American people that our greatness is found in our generosity toward life, in our desire to share the bounties of liberty and our willingness to sacrifice for those in need.

That openness is found in respecting the beauty of life is personified in the innocent little child. as a country, as a society, and as a culture we need to affirm life and reject those who would lead us down the sterile path to oblivion.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sally Jenkins Gets Some Parts Of It Right

You know what we really need more of? Famous guys who aren't embarrassed to practice sexual restraint, and to say it out loud. If we had more of those, women might have fewer abortions. See, the best way to deal with unwanted pregnancy is to not get the sperm in the egg and the egg implanted to begin with, and that is an issue for men, too -- and they should step up to that.

That was Sally Jenkins, Sports columnist for the Washington Post, writing about Tim Tebow. And while she may be totally off base as to her position on abortion, her comments on the importance of men taking some responsibility for their actions is right on point. In fact after reading her comments, I think men now have a good rejoinder to the tired old attack by the feminists that this is strictly a woman's issue, and men need not submit a thought, an opinion, or a viewpoint.

As for the rest of the NOW crowd and their insane attacks on Tim Tebow's mom, they have done for the pro-life effort what sadly 350,000 Americans marching on the Capitol could not - put the pro-life issue on the front page AND make the pro-abortion or pro-choice side look like the fools they are. Lets face it, the media is not going to criticize the pro-abortion side or their political allies. And like dutiful stooges, the media for the most part, ignored the marches, rallies and remembrances throughout the country this past January 22. After all it would not seem proper for the nation to know that its citizens had not accepted the results of Roe after 37 years. Combine this information with the knowledge that abortion hurts women and kills a baby and people might re-think the "I am personally opposed, but..." approach. They might actually consider adopting a pro-life perspective.

So - thank you Mrs Tebow, Tim and Focus on the Family,for making the commercial ....and for all you wacko pro-abortionists for deciding to attack the commercial and thus allowing the nation to actually have a discussion on the most critical issue facing the country.