Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Gimme Shelter" tells a powerful true story the country needs to hear.

I saw the movie "Gimme Shelter" on Friday in Alexandria, VA outside of Washington, DC. The performances were very real and the first thirty minutes of the film were very gritty and powerful. Vanessa Hudgens does an excellent job of portraying someone scared and angry; her transformation is not forced but comes from deep inside. She is a fine young actress.  I had not seen any of her previous work. Her scenes with the great James Earl Jones were touching - especially when she talks to him in the chapel. If one can put aside ones emotions on the abortion issue, one discovers that there are people who actually care about these young girls who are desperate for a second chance. And Gimme Shelter is about second chances.

After the movie was over, I spoke with a number of theater goers who were very much impressed with the film. One lady wanted to donate to the shelter featured in the movie.  It was clear from the various conversations that many of the viewers had no idea that such shelters even existed.  It was also clear that they were impressed by the dedication and passion of those who cared about the girls at the shelter.

But these homes do exist and so do scared young girls like Apple, the subject of this true story. When people like Kathy Defiore are willing to help these girls, then hope comes to life and they find a way for them to not only survive but to thrive.

Gimme Shelter needs to be seen by the general public so that homes such as these can get the support of the general community in order to be an avenue of assistance for women in need.

I strongly recommend this film.  See it this weekend.