Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Choosing the Replacement for O'Connor

The various blogs that focus on the U.S.Supreme Court, bloggers on Confirmthem.org and Bench Memos are all in a whirl concerned that Alberto Gonzales or someone like him may be the president's pick. With the vote on Roberts scheduled for the full Senate on Thursday, the president will probably wait until Monday to announce his selection. Of course if he wants the press to talk about it all weekend, then he announces on Friday or late Thursday afternoon after he congratulates the Senate for confirming Roberts.

There is great speculation but no knowledge as to what Bush will do or who he will pick. He suggested that his pick would show great diversity, implying that the choice would be a woman or a minority. Of course if he chooses someone like Emilio Garza, I think pro life advocates would be very pleased. If he goes with Edith Jones or Alice Batchelder, pro-lifers will also be very supportive.

Of course I think that Luttig would also be a great pick.

What is very interesting is the speculation and the anticipation involved with this current situation, no one really knows anything.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Filling the O'Connor Vacancy

With the Roberts' confirmation hearing s concluded, the President will be announcing this week his choice to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor. There are many competent candidates to take her seat on the Court. There will be pressure on Bush to appoint a woman. While he may take this opportunity to appoint a Hispanic, the conventional wisdom is that he will choose a woman. Be advised that whosoever the president appoints will be opposed by the left, its lackeys in the media and the out of touch Democratic senators who worship before the abortion altar.

If he were to defy the prognosticators, he would appoint Michael Luttig from the Fourth Cicuit Court of Appeals.

I he wants the names of some excellent women, he can interview Edith Jones, 5th Circuit, Alice Batchelder 6th Circuit, Karen Williams, 4th Circuit, or Janice Rogers Brown. None of these would disappoint the right to life community.

Then there is Emilio Garza. An excellent candidate from everything that I have seen.

Finally he can always pick Senator Brownback from Kansas or Senator John Cornyn form Texas. Frankly such a move would be a master stroke.

This is where the president must go to prove his commitment to the rule of law and the sanctity of life.

We should pray for him these next days regarding this specific matter that The president will follow the Good Lord's guidance in this most critical of decisions.

Confirming John Roberts

I have been reading a number of blogs these days all discussing John Roberts and whether the appeals court judge was a 'stealth' candidate, whether Bush kept his promise to choose a candidate like Scalia or Thomas, or whether The White House was afraid to pick a 'known' quantity and settled for someone who is unknown to conservatives and pro-lifers.

Whether anyone reads this or not, the reality is that John Roberts was a brilliant lawyer, is an excellent judge, and is a top notch candidate to be chief justice of he U.S. Supreme Court. He should and will be confirmed to the nation's highest court.

He is also very pro-life.

How can I be so confident, especially in light of his very politically correct answers before the Senate judiciary committee during his confirmation hearings?

I have a number of reasons. I will explain the more important ones.

1. He is married to a woman who has committed time and resourses to help Feminists for Life. I have known Feminists for Life for many years. It is an organization on the front lines that knows only too well the tragic price women have been paying for the last 32 years for the so-called 'right to abortion.' There is no way he allows the killing to continue.

2. He and wife adopted two children. They remind him every day that there but for the grace of God these two chidren could have been killed by abortion. these children are a part of the survivors generation. As an adoptive parent, he knows this only too well.

3. He was a part of the Reagan revolution. A number of his friends vouch for him. He is honest and loyal , they say. I believe them.

4. He is a practicing Catholic. According to those who know him, he actually believes what Catholics believe. Therefore his hero is probably St. Thomas More, a brilliant lawyer, judge and statesman who reminds all of us lawyers that God's law must be first in our hearts. That is the first and truest precedent one must follow.

5. He knows the law. He knows that the 'right' to an abortion is not in the Constitution, that Roe v Wade is a fraud, and that there is over three hundred years of jurisprudence supporting the humanity and personhood of the unborn child. He also knows that medical and scientific evidence establishing the humanity of the unborn child.

However, even with him on the bench, he only replaces Rehnquist who was a solid pro-life vote. Even when O'Connor is replaced with a pro-life vote, we only have four votes. We cannot trust Anthony Kennedy - but for a miracle - he has sold out. so other judge must retire and another appointment acceptable to the cause is needed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Follow up on Roberts

I have just spent the past few hours reading the transcripts of the confirmation hearings on John Roberts.
And I thought I was verbose. These senators talk so much without saying anything. It is unbelievable.
Biden is an idiot at times. He tried to use a baseball metaphor and struck out.
Schumer is just deceitful and is more concerned about hearing himself talk than saying anything of substance. Even the Republicans got a little wordy at times.
I think Spector asked about the abortion issue just to get it out of the way. I noted that Kennedy spent most of the time pontificating and going on about the poor - as if he has any clue what the poor need, want, or are about. His questions were absurd. He spent most of the time talking about Brown V. Board of Education, as if Roberts was going to dismantle it. I suppose he has the right to be stupid.
No one really talked about anything that the American people wanted hear. Well, except for Judge Roberts who testified that he would act to review cases and apply the law in making any decision.
As for the abortion issue, given the atmosphere on the subject, he handled it well. There is no point going in with guns abolishing. Play it cool. Say nothing.

The democrats raised the subject of religion. But Roberts avoided the trap.
In fact he spent most of the day avoiding traps. Such a game it has become and all because the democrats are being pressured by the pro abortionists to stop the nomination.

If this was Ginsburg or Breyer up for the nomination, and conservatives attempted to pull the sort of garbage that the democrats are pulling, there would have been a hue and outcry by the media. But most of the mainstream media is in bed with with the pro-aborts and that explains why you did not read about the conference sponsored by AZ Right to Life.
BTW - it was a great conference overall and a lot of new information was distributed.
Tomorrow is day three. He is doing fine. As for those who are speculating, the American people like him. He comes from the south.
Well it is late.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005