Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Follow up on Roberts

I have just spent the past few hours reading the transcripts of the confirmation hearings on John Roberts.
And I thought I was verbose. These senators talk so much without saying anything. It is unbelievable.
Biden is an idiot at times. He tried to use a baseball metaphor and struck out.
Schumer is just deceitful and is more concerned about hearing himself talk than saying anything of substance. Even the Republicans got a little wordy at times.
I think Spector asked about the abortion issue just to get it out of the way. I noted that Kennedy spent most of the time pontificating and going on about the poor - as if he has any clue what the poor need, want, or are about. His questions were absurd. He spent most of the time talking about Brown V. Board of Education, as if Roberts was going to dismantle it. I suppose he has the right to be stupid.
No one really talked about anything that the American people wanted hear. Well, except for Judge Roberts who testified that he would act to review cases and apply the law in making any decision.
As for the abortion issue, given the atmosphere on the subject, he handled it well. There is no point going in with guns abolishing. Play it cool. Say nothing.

The democrats raised the subject of religion. But Roberts avoided the trap.
In fact he spent most of the day avoiding traps. Such a game it has become and all because the democrats are being pressured by the pro abortionists to stop the nomination.

If this was Ginsburg or Breyer up for the nomination, and conservatives attempted to pull the sort of garbage that the democrats are pulling, there would have been a hue and outcry by the media. But most of the mainstream media is in bed with with the pro-aborts and that explains why you did not read about the conference sponsored by AZ Right to Life.
BTW - it was a great conference overall and a lot of new information was distributed.
Tomorrow is day three. He is doing fine. As for those who are speculating, the American people like him. He comes from the south.
Well it is late.
That's all for now.


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