Friday, August 26, 2005

Exposing the Bias

The latest effort by the radical pro-abortion's to affect public opinion arrives in the form of a pseudo-scientific study regarding "fetal pain" published in the August 24, 2005 edition of the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). For a detailed examination check out NRLC's website on fetal pain.

The readiness of the mainstream media to announce to the world the findings of a so-called independent study that disproves the argument that the unborn child (whom the pro-aborts will always refer to as 'the fetus"), once again reminds all of us of their inherent and visceral bias against the unborn child, the pro-life movement and telling the truth.

Note that there has never been any unbiased reporting on the causal connection between breast cancer and induced abortion.

Note that there has been an uncanny silence about the harmful effects of the abortion drug RU-486 and the number of women that have died after taking the medication.

Note that there has been little if any coverage by the mainstream media of the thousands of abortions done on teen-age girls who were made pregnant from older adult men who took them for their abortion in order to keep the crime a secret.

Note that there is little if any coverage of new polls that reveal the mood of the nation becoming increasingly pro-life.

The institutional bias of the mainstream media, the bureaucrats in government, those in secondary and higher education and those in the legal and medical professions has been a significant roadblock in getting the message to the American people. However, the cracks are beginning to show. The rise of the alternative media, that is, talk radio, the internet websites, blogging and email provide an opportunity for those of us who truly care about America and her future to act for the benefit of all.

"Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country. " I'm sorry but how many of you have ever even heard of this line. Yet it is so true.
We need you to stand up for life, to make a stand, to get involved now.

Contact JAMA and tell the editors that the journal should star reporting the truth and not be a propaganda machine.

To the credit of some journalists, the effort by JAMA to promote this pro-abortion tripe was exposed. The lead author -Susan J. Lee, a medical student once worked for NARAL , one of the major pro-abortion organizations in the country, the same group that launched the lie-filled ad against Judge Roberts a few weeks ago. The article is nothing more than a pro-abortion promotion piece. There is no real scientific information and the authors include a prominent San Francisco abortionist.

The good news is that we are catching them at the lies and calling them on it. With the new media, the message can be heard.

The bad new is that they are still killing babies every day.

Examine your life.
Join us to stop the killing.


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