Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Listen carefully

Those who want to see the president's nominee painted in a poor light will ignore or dismiss his exemplary legal credentials and try to associate him with the so called "bad guys" - you know - corporate lawyers, big business, polluters, etc. They will claim that he is out of touch with mainstream America and they will condemn Bush for not nominating someone who will "unite" the country.

Friends, the battle for this seat is over and Bush has won. I am not speaking out of turn when I say that this candidate is probably one of the three most qualified in the Washington, D.C. area. Just the idea that he has argued 39 cases before the U.S. SupremeCourt is impressive enough. Add to that his previous government experience and his years in private practice, and the country is going to get a jurist with excellent credentials.

Now credentials are not enough. It is the life lived that speaks of the soul. From what I have learned in the last 24 hours, that life has been one of which a parent would be pleased. In addition to his own involvement with such groups as the Federalist Society, his wife was active with Feminists for Life. They are raising two children, 5 and 4. One site suggested they had adopted them. This has not been confirmed. If so, such an act also speaks of a respect for life.

Pray for his family. The pressure and the efforts of the extreme left may be severe. Yet, God in His mercy may be giving our country yetone more opportunity to turn from evil and embrace the good. Life is good. All life must be respected. The law must respect the right to life of all persons, born or in the womb. All those in public office, elected or appointed, sworn to uphold the Constitution, need to understand that they have a duty to God and to their constituents to take this matter seriously.

A couple of other points: the Democrats will not filibuster. If their leaders are smart, they will pass on this nominee and plan on the next one. But they are not very smart, and will be pulled in by the extreme leftist groups to act as idiots. This will further alienate them from the heartland of America. The gang of 14 will hold and John Roberts will take his seat in time for arguments on the first Monday in October.

Instructions: Remain viligant. Call your senators and tell them you think the candidate is an excellent choice. Ask for fair and dignified hearings. be polite as always and remember to make plans to attend the September ARTL Conference.


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