Monday, June 20, 2005

Considering the comments of Senator Durbin

The fallout continues throughout the nation over the outrageous remarks of Senator Durbin (D - Ill) over the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
If only the mainstream press would recognize that the American people do not like their politicians calling their sons and daughters serving in the military war criminals, Nazis, et al. But they will try to ride this one out because it serves their agenda. After all when any pro life advocate compares the killing of unborn children with the holocaust, he or she is severely chastised by the mainstream press for making the comparison. Yet, how much closer to the Nazi holocaust is the abortion holocaust. After all both involve the systematic murder of a class of human beings deemed unwanted and devoid of value by those doing the killing.
And what of Dick Durbin's vote to prohibit the use of partial birth abortions on unborn children?
Well, the distinguished senator from Illinois voted against stopping the brutal practice. He is squarely in the pro-abortion camp. He embraces the pro abortion agenda. Perhaps he would not complain about the treatment of the prisoners at Gitmo if the government were "aborting" them, instead of turning up the temperature.
The problem with the current debate is that the use of language has become extremely sloppy and contrived. The "left" has co-opted the meaning of so many words and told the public that this is what something means. So that if one talks about the torture of innocent unborn babies by abortionists as the babies' arms and legs are ripped from their bodies, if one dares to show the pictures of dead children from abortion on the streets or at the university commons, the "Left" and the mainstream media will scream with horror and shock. But a picture from Abu Ghraib can be front page news for the New York Times, and woe to anyone who dare criticize the grey lady of the press.
Here are the facts. The "left" hates the military. The"left" hates America and all things American. These extremists hate children and that is why they like abortion. Oh, and they hate President Bush, too.
Here is the irony. The very freedom that we enjoy calls us to respect the right to life of all people. Our founding documents mention the right to life and the source of that right to life. Those who are enemies of the right to life are also enemies of the source of the right to life. Yet they scream that our military is not respecting the rights of these combatants. If our military treated the combatants as the pro-abortionists treat the unborn children and their mothers, there would be no prisoner problem. They would all be dead. After all that is the way of the Extreme Left. Need to solve a problem? Just kill them.
After all why should the rest of us be burdened. That is the mentality of the Dick Durbins and the Hillary Clintons, and the Janet Napalitanos and the Planned parenthoods of the world. Eliminate the unwanted, the burdernsome the inconvenient.
Now is this too rash? Are my comments out of place? Am I painting with a broad brush? Or am I just telling the truth?
Dick Durbin should be censured for his attack on our military servicemen and women. Now the question is - will the Senate do it?


At 11:13 PM, Blogger John K. Walker said...


As i already informed Constantin, Durbin was actually my congressman from Springfield, Illinois before he bacame Senator. In 1982 I voted for him when he ran and won as a pro-life Democrat against the longtime pro-abortion incumbent Republican, and he continued this stance for several years -- I even saw him at one of our January ROE V. WADE observances. However, when he became ambitious to move up in the House Democratic leadership he experienced a mysterious Jesse Jackson / Dick Gephardt-like "epiphany" on the abortion issue and became progressively less popular within the district. (Once after Mass there were fliers on our cars imploring the diocese to expose and sanction him). He was about to be ousted -- a pro-life Republican has represented Springfield ever since -- when his mentor, the late pro-abortion Senator Paul Simon retired and, the Illinois state Republican Party being the most dysfunctional in America, he ended up where he is now.


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