Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Let the voting continue.

Priscilla Owen has been confirmed by the Senate 56-43. Now Senator Frist must continue to call for votes on the remaining nominees and get them confirmed. He should not delay but should act with due diligence and clearness of purpose. And while everyone can talk about "brinks of the abyss" and being at the edge of "Armageddon," the truth is that if the Majority Leader keeps bringing the nominations to the floor, then there will be votes on those nominees.

Consider it this way. The judicial nominees have been held hostage. We have been negotiating with the holders. We have just had three released. No one has been jetisoned and the "holders" have not lost their "power." But neither have those seeking to get the matter settled through an up or down vote. The power to change the rules still exists if the Democrats act in bad faith. So the simple thing to do is keep calling for the vote.

As for what you can do - keep calling your senators and ask them to keep calling for the vote on the appointees.

In truth - while the conservatives do not like the so called "deal," if we can get up or down votes on all the judges, then it will be the leftist Democrat extremists who will have blinked.

Remain vigilant.


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