Monday, May 09, 2005

Catching up

Considering that the last time I entered anything on this blog was following the death of Terri Schiavo, a lot has happened and not happened during the month of April.

The death of John Paul II in Saturday, April 2, 2005 revealed an outpouring of love and admiration for this son of Poland, this son of the Church, that only the calloused and dead of heart were not moved. Here was a man who held to the faith of The church and her beliefs and had the courage to proclaim a Gospel of Life. Here was someone who was not timid about preaching Christ and calling people to a deep personal life changing relationship with the Son of Mary. He did not compromise the teachings of the Church. He spoke about the inherent dignity of the human person made in the image of God. Young people, looking for Truth, flocked to his message to live lives greater than the empty promises of the prince of the world.

In his sufferings and in his death, he showed us the way of the cross and reminded us of the words of the Gospel, "Be not afraid."

His successor, Benedict XVI will continue to promote life and teach us that all of us must be engaged in the battle to bring about a culture of life. The Church has not written off Europe and seeks to re-evangelize the continent. Here it is that the next generation will be called to spread the gospel. A gospel that affirms the dignity and purpose of every human being from the moment of conception through natural death. The choice of the name Benedict was no fluke. Saint Benedict is the apostle to Europe and the protector of the great works of antiquity. As Europe struggles to find its soul, let us pray that there will be a new recognition of the importance of protecting and preserving human life.

I will close for now by reminding everyone that Fr. Frank Pavone will be in Phoenix on June 13, 2005. See the website for details.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger cvaldivia93 said...

Great post John! Good to see you back on the blog trail.

Blessings to you.


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