Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Post Specter and other considerations

By now everyone has spoken on the matter of Arlen Specter and the effect that the comments by the electorate had on the events that took place. Novak mentioned that the senators wanted Specter sufficiently concerned and aware that his claim to the chairmanship was not a lock. Apparently the appropriate impression was made. The statement prepared by Specter was more than he wanted to say. I think everyone on the committee and among the Republican leadership knows that he has to tow the line.
This was a test and the Republicans know who put them in the White House and gave them those victories in South Dakota, Oklahoma and North Carolina.
Hopefully, like the elephant which is their mascot, these senators will have long memories and remember who has been loyal to the cause of life. Fro the truth is, pro lifers are tired of being kept on the sidelines. They are tired of not having a place at the table. Now is the time to make the appropriate govenmental chases to usher in a new decade for life. The government does not need to waste money on failed programs that fill the coffers of pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and others that promote death. The CDC and the FDA need to be objective agencies whose first interest is the public's health and well being. There should be another review of such dangerous drugs such as RUE-486. If government is going to fund research, it should fund studies that probe the dangerous effects, both physical and emotional, of abortion on women, men, and on surviving siblings.
The government should review the current funding of agencies who support pro-abortion programs and consider how such programs are contrary to the welfare of the nation. In short, the government should turn off the flow of taxpayer dollars to any agency or entity that funds abortion.
The Congress should look into its constitutional duty to protect its citizens and indeed all persons within our borders. No agency or branch of the federal or state government has the right to deny life, liberty or property to any person without due process of law. Congress and the executive branch are sworn to defend and protect the Constitution. The right to life cannot be stripped from innocent human beings without due process of law. The actions of the U.S. Supreme court in Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) violate the separation of powers doctrine and transgress upon the stated limitations of government. It is time to have an open discusson about this issue and to resolve once for all the need to have the courts and the Congress and the several states respect and recognize the right to life of every human being.
I know this sounds almost laughable to those who have watched the politics of Washington for the last 30 years. But now is the time to raise the question. The courts have become completely obsessed with an evergrowing thirst for power and control of our everyday lives. Courts are redefining the institution of marriage and the basic relationship between human beings. This is something outside their competence. Yet these judges do it and expect us to live with it. They have become the new despots and wield a power and control that was not written into their job description.
Only our vigilance and constant readiness to act will bring this to a stop. Congress and the president must address the need for a constitutional amendment to protect all persons. This is not something which one can leave to the states. We must protect all babies wherever they are.
So it is that our voice regarding Specter was heard even though many do not like the result. Given that there will likely be a vacancy soon, the word must be to the White House and to the Senate that only a justice who respects the rights of all persons is acceptable. I do have a litmus test. I want a justice who will uphold the Constitution of the United States. I want a justice who will uphold the Declaration of Independence. I want a justice who will not make law but is willing to correct the errors of a Supreme Court nearly 32 years ago when it decided wrongly that the state could not protect unborn human beings. I want a justice who is not afraid to tell the truth to the American people. I know I want a lot....But can we afford not to have it.


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