Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Judicial Oligarchy

I have said this before and today's pronouncement from the U.S. Supreme Court only confirms it once again. We do not live in a democratic republic. We do not live in  a federal system of government where there are states that have rights, duties, responsibilities and limitations on what they can do and a federal government that is "limited" in its jurisdiction.

Today's decision by the Court to enjoin enforcement of some of Texas' new abortion regulations law is a perfect example of federal over-reaching.  The law passed addressed regulatory rules for free standing surgical centers (read abortion mills) that would protect patients from shoddy abortionists like Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia or Stephen Bingham, lately of New Jersey.

How many women have to die before these justices recognize the error they have made?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS - Talking about the new book " The Race to Save Our Century" by Jason Jones and John Zmirak

I must confess at beginning that I am a little biased when it comes to reviewing good books. There is something wonderful about reading a tome that exudes logic, common sense and a proper turn of a phrase. Considering the general poor writing one finds in the mainstream press, the lack of logic in editorials and commentary, and the overall reduction of language to 140 characters, it was refreshing to peruse the pages of Jason Jones and John Zmirak's new book, The Race to Save Our Century.

Imagine a book that connects the dots.

That is what The Race to Save Our Century does for its readers. It explains the crisis of belief in values, in the truth, in the objective moral order, walking the reader through the past - history - exploring the reasons why we are at this pivotal fork in the road between chaos and darkness and order and light.

 Jason and  John  have distilled these concepts into a bold powerful elixir. I know Jason well. We have discussed these ideas over the years in a variety of settings; sometimes in the foyer of a hotel, sometimes at the Dubliner with other pro-life activists, sometimes on the way to the airport or on the phone as we were driving to our respective homes after being on the road. The passion they both have for defending life is found in this book.  They provide the reader with the historical supports to their arguments and the citations to those works.  The book should be mandatory reading for every senior in high school and every freshman in college.

I will let you read the book and draw your own conclusions on how significant is the subject matter. What is it that we are called to do in our own personal lives? What is the role of government in protecting the lives of people? Why do governments do what they do? As the fighting continues in the Middle East, as the babies continue to be slaughtered in the abortion mills throughout the world, and as the millions of refugees continue to struggle to survive in camps throughout much of the Third World, we need to take stock of who we are as individuals as communities, as nations and ask ourselves - what is it all about?

Reading this book will help to decipher the answers to these profound questions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Central, south and west Phoenix have a unique opportunity this November to elect a genuine pro-life candidate to Congress.  Since 1991 the area - now known as Congressional District 7 - has had to suffer with the likes of Ed Pastor, a person who turned his back on his heritage and his voting record as a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to support the extreme pro-abortion position of the national Democrat leadership.

This summer the primary race among the Democrats pitted the old guard in Mary Rose Wilcox against a young and determined Ruben Gallego, who was a member of the state legislature. Gallego defeated Wilcox in the primary on August 26 by a little over 3000 votes in a primary that only saw 30,000 voters go to the polls. Gallego is an extreme pro-abortion candidate who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for failing to report and withholding information regarding a rape because it would have been a "hassle."  Gallego has yet to disavow his relationship with the abortion provider.

Enter Jose Penalosa - the independent candidate for congressional district 7.

Penalosa has been an attorney for the last 24 years representing and serving the people of south and west Phoenix not only as an attorney but as a member of various community boards and organizations. He is well respected in the community and especially because of his level of knowledge and sophistication on the subject of immigration.

But here is the best part - he respects the dignity of each and every human person - including those in the womb.

Unlike his opponent who thinks it is permissible to destroy the precious bond between mother and child, Jose believes in life. He believes the law should protect life. and he also believes that the community should help mothers and the unborn babies by supporting organizations that assist them through their pregnancies. He strongly believes that men should shoulder the responsibility of being fathers and doing their duty to provide for their children and the mothers who give birth to them.
 Penalosa is endorsed by the National Right to life Committee.

In addition to his expertise in the area of immigration - something that is so needed if the nation is to ever solve the problem, Jose is a small businessman and knows the importance of fiscal responsibility.  He realizes that government cannot spend its way out of problems and that there must be a serious examination as to the way Washington operates.

Jose Penalosa offers the people of  Phoenix an alternative to he way things have been done in the past. He offers fresh ideas and will not be controlled by any party or interest group. He will represent all the people of his district, He will not be owned by Nancy Pelosi or the democrat machine. Instead he will offer Arizona a truly conscientious independent voice to address the critical issue of the day.

This November send a message back to Washington. Tell them you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore.

On November 4, 2014 Democrats, Republicans and Independents should all vote for Jose Penalosa for Congress.

VIVA  Jose Penalosa

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Powerful Message in The Giver needs to be heard today

After seeing the movie The Giver, I wanted to shout to all the world how important this movie could be to a generation who has grown up with visual images and a certain infatuation with technology. At the same time I did not want to give away the plot line and ruin the awakening that takes place both for the character and the viewer alike. So while encouraging people to see the film, I did not reveal the story line or the symbolism rampant throughout the movie.

Well now a couple of weeks after opening, I will repeat myself in this regard.  Please do yourself a big favor and go see the movie. Do not wait. And if you have nay children older than 10, bring them with you.  And then discuss the movie when you leave the theater.  Our children need to hear the message of this film.   In fact, directing a conversation is extremely important after watching the movie.  You will be surprised at what the children will reveal.

I still do not intend to give away the plot. But I will tease you all a bit and suggest that the world is supposedly free from pain, sorrow, hurt, and loss. Indeed all sadness has been removed.  And there is no memory of the past, of war, or all things tragic. Everyone is the same and everyone enjoys being the same. It is the story of one young man and his selection - what that selection means - and how he confronts this supposedly perfect world.

As predicted the critics are not fond of this film or its message. This factor almost requires us to see the film over and over again.

If you want a treat, read the books. Yes books. Lois Lowry, the author, decided to finish the story that she starts in The Giver. There are three companion books which simply are amazing and profound.

Understand this - if the young audience truly understands the message of this movie, then the ranks of our pro-life movement will swell and positive change will happen. And then everyone will finally begin to see what the world was intended to be.