Thursday, October 13, 2011

Planned Parenthood's outrageous statement

You will want to read this twice and then think about what he just said.

“It means that 400 real children at the end of those pregnancies are going to be born into families that may have, at very realistic levels, said that, ‘We can't afford another mouth to feed,' or ‘I can't afford child care,' ‘' Howard said.

Brian Howard is the president of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, the number one killer of children in this state. He made his remarks in light of the release of new numbers showing a significant decrease in abortions since the informed consent laws went into effect last month. These numbers released by the Department of Health Services show that there were 729 reported abortions in the state, down from the 1069 the month before and much less than the average rate of 1200 per month from last year.

Yet it is also worth noting that Planned Parenthood claims to have done 90% of the abortions reported.

So read the quote again. These people have a blood lust. They want these "real children" to be "dead children." Howard and his ilk do not want to help these people who have difficult situations. His abortion industry thinks that killing these "400 real children" will solve the immediate problem.

Except we all know that the children are not the problem - its their parents' behavior that may be the problem. What we must do is offer real help and real answers to those with unintended pregnancies.

So please do something - pray, get involved, write a check, speak out. Now is not the time to be faint of heart. Those other 729 real children need our help.