Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a reason to be thankful

During the recent election campaigns, I received many emails from people who were very scared or depressed or worried about what may happen. When the voters made their choice, many of these same folks were again depressed. Some of the people who hated McCain tried to rub it in, others asked me what I was going to do since he had lost. And then there were the press accounts consigning the pro-life movement to the grave - yet again.

For those who visit this site, you all know that I had no time to wallow in pity and depression over the election results. My granddaughter was born on November 5, the birthday of my son Justin. His brother had a birthday on November 14. I visited my son in Dallas while attending a fabulous conference on the life and writings of St. Thomas More. A dear friend passed away on November 17 and we prayed for him and all others who have died at his funeral mass on November 22. My son Peter's football team won and exciting game later that afternoon. During this same time I visited one of the emergency pregnancy centers an met with a women who chose life for her baby due to the tremendous work and of one of our sidewalk counselors. I attended a CAP dinner where over 900 people listened to Hugh Hewitt. There were over a 1000 people who supported the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The day after the election I joined in a conference call of over 6000 pro-lifers who re-committed themselves to making abortion unthinkable. I could go on with all that is happening but the point is that LIFE goes on and God is still sovereign.

WE must always be grateful for that reality. He is our rock. He is the source of our peace. AS difficult as life can be, as dangerous as things are and as tough as the times may be ahead, God is still in control. He is our strength.

So while we mourn the loss of the babies killed by the evil hand of the abortion industry, as we worry about our nation and the course it may take, as we wonder how we can be effective in this climate of fear, remember that He is always with you. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Never give up the fight to protect the unborn. Never compromise the truth. Continue to support the cause and don't forget your end of year gift as well.

Be thankful for your life, your family, your faith and the chance to make a difference. Then go out and make that difference in people's lives.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pray and Work

Perhaps the most effective thing that any pro-life person could do during this critical time is pray for the conversion of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Justice Kennedy went on the high court as someone who, based upon his background and history, should have ruled in favor of ending the malevolent legacy of Roe. Yet when the critical time came, he choked or folded or was told -who knows.

Yet perhaps the prayers of those who truly are concerned not just for the millions of babies, not just for the future of this nation, not just for the countless exploited women, but also for the sake of one man's soul were to pray for Anthony Kennedy, then God in His mercy might further inspire and we might see the restoration of Kennedy and an acknowledgment of the reality that all innocent human life must be protected and preserved in law.

Aside from the need for constant prayer, we must continue big time to educate our own who are easily lulled and seduced by the allures of this world.

Finally at the grassroots level, pro-lifers must reorganize and prepare for 2010, choosing candidates who will embrace the sanctity of life as a foundational principle. But we cannot wait for others to act. Each one of us must begin at the precinct level to build a culture of life, supporting our local pro-life groups and pregnancy resource centers. Volunteer with a local right to lie group and ask to become a speaker at the local high school or college. Set up an online pro-life club and pass around educational information that will help provide support for arguments that support the cause. Be creative and involve young people so that they will take an ownership interest in the movement. They are after all the survivors.

There is much to do. Ora et labora. Pray and Work. Important words that have echoed throughout the centuries.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leadership for the future

During this time when there is the inevitable hand-wringing and finger pointing, one must remember that strong and intelligent leadership in the pro-life pro-family community is needed if we are to continue to battle against those forces that would consign our movement to the dust heap of history. Fortunately in our state we have had some courageous leadership in men and women who I have had the good fortune to know and to work with in this struggle.

As I think about the recent victory with Proposition 102, one cannot but applaud the hard work and excellent leadership of Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy and Ron Johnson of the Arizona Catholic Conference. Their smart strategies and strategic planning helped to protect the institution of marriage. Now it is important for all of us who believe in marriage to live our lives as an example of what marriage is all about. The best way to strengthen the institution of marriage is for married people to inspire people by lives of holiness and happiness.

On the legal front gentlemen like Peter Gentalla of CAP, Nick Nikas of BDF and Alan Sears of ADF represent some of the finest qualities of smart pro-life leadership. Peter has been an important part of the success in the Choose life license plate controversy. Nick has been a leader in the effort to fight ESCR and cloning around the country. Alan is the president and CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund, a powerful legal support for the principles of life, liberty, and family.

Another lawyer and policy maker, Len Munsil, past president for the Center For Arizona Policy, and his wife, Tracy, also represent leaders who have a strong pro-life vision for this state. Two years ago Len challenged the establishment with a real honest-to-goodness grassroots campaign that surprised everyone. Fighting the power of incumbency and the silent but deadly treatment of the media, Munsil was nevertheless able to articulate a clear vision that integrated a pro-life philosophy in his view of governance. His wife Tracy has walked the talk, being a mother of eight children, a speaker and teacher. She now finds herself asked to offer her talent in leadership for the GOP Committee in legislative District 8.

In Tucson there is Kelly Copeland, someone who has always been the go-to-guy when something needed to be done. And he is raising up his sons to join him in the effort to promote life and protect it at all stages. Kelly's abilities to challenge the complacency of certain people has often required they re-think their agendas.

Each of the various pregnancy centers have their leaders and their inspirations. Indeed as I compose this post, I am amazed at the number of leaders who are also in every way laborers in the field, offering real hope and real help to women and children in need. People like Lorie Futch, Sheila Riely, Kim Schmidt, John Tabor, Mary Peterson, Kay Allen, all have servants' hearts and lead by example.

Then there is the next generation of young people with whom I have had the honor of working with over these many years. And while I can readily salute them by name, I will leave their actions to be the proof of their ongoing influence in the struggle.

Of course I must tip my hat to those who showed us the way, legends like Dr. Carolyn Gerster and Dr. Earl Baker. That column on their heroics and those of the early leadership in Arizona is worthy of its own posting.

So many more I could name but the point is that all of us have the capacity to be leaders in the movement if we remember that it is not about us, it is about others. It is about protecting life and building relationship. It is about promoting a vision that recognizes the dignity and worth of the individual person. In a way all of us ae called to lead when it comes to life. We are to lead first by example. We must live our love of life and our love of not just humanity but of human beings. As we approach the Advent season, we should put this mantra into practice.

One final thought. In any movement there will be those who have honest disagreements as to strategies, tactics, plans, timing and approaches. There is nothing wrong with that. However it is how one resolves to work with others even and especially when one does not get ones way that marks the character of the person. After all what are we about if not for the betterment of our fellow man?

From our friends at FRC

"Obama's 'Alta' Ego on Stem Cells

"In the past few days, we've barely been able to keep up with the flood of articles about the progress with adult stem cells. The headlines read like medical miracles-"Doctors transplant windpipe with woman's own stem cells"; "Bone marrow stem cells restore hearing, vision in animals"; "Researchers to use patient's own stem cells to treat heart failure"; and "Mother-of-two becomes first transplant patient to receive a whole organ transplant grown from her own stem cells." And those were all articles published since Monday! The amazing flexibility of adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) has launched the scientific community into a new era of almost daily discoveries.

Although ethical alternatives are light years ahead of the research that destroys innocent human life, the incoming Obama administration insists on revisiting a failed and controversial technique -- embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. While iPS is already treating patients, the over-hyped and underperforming ESC will have a new champion in Obama's health care expert, R. Alta Charo, a staunchly abortion, cloning, and embryo research advocate. A professor and advisor to Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute, Charo was appointed to the Obama transition team last week. Obviously, a policy change on stem cells is coming -- one that is unlikely to favor principle, progress, or patients."

Excerpt from an email sent by Tony Perkins at Family Research Council

So tell me Doug Kmiec why Obama is going to be so good for unborn babies?

Len Munsil reminds us that Kmiec was no friend to the unborn in this last election.
And all you priests and ministers who supported this pro-abortion messiah, tell me why it was wrong to campaign against this war-monger against children?

Every child who dies because of Barack Obams's policies will call upon Heaven for justice. Was the Rev. Wright foretelling the future???

Some Obama Supporters Want to Destroy the Black Race

For those of you who have not checked out Prolife Blogs, I suggest you do so as a part of your continuing pro-life education. I also urge you to check out Jill Stanek’s regular column. In her latest post Jill shows us a video produced by American Life League. This excellent presentation gives some very important information about Planned Parenthood and its racist founder Margaret Sanger. Check out the video below and send it to all of those who may not know about their racist roots.

Planned Parenthood is no friend of the Black family, the Latino family or any other minority group. Unfortunately many of their so-called leaders have made a deal to sell out their own for a little bit of power.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Life is Beautiful

This is why we do what we do.


Madeline Grace Giorlando

born November 5, 2008

Scottsdale, Arizona

PARENTS: My daughter Jamie Giorlando
and her husband Sal Giorlando IV

Monday, November 03, 2008


combining the word with the picture

The Knights of Columbus put out a great radio ad a few weeks ago to promote the culture of life. The words are great, but when one watches the picture of a 10 week old unborn baby, one knows exactly what is at stake and whose life hangs in the balance.

So with the assistance of Trent Horn, we posted to AZ Knights for Life a YouTube video combining the words of the ad with the picture of "Joe, the unborn baby."

check it out