Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Planned Parenthood attacks consent law, assaults women and families.

If there was ever an example of the deep hatred and animosity that Planned Parenthood has for motherhood and women in general, it is the propensity to which it files lawsuits and attacks reasonable regulations concerning abortion. These laws are supported by 75 per cent of the American people. Yet Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider cares not about women but about the almighty dollar.

In Arizona earlier today an out of touch judge acted as their agent to deny the state the right to protect women from an unlicensed and pernicious industry by enjoining the enforcement of those laws passed by a strong majority in our State legislature.

Put aside for a moment that the current laws formulated by unelected jurists allows for the intentional killing of a pre-born human being.

Put aside that the long term physical and emotional effect of killing that child on the woman has been documented through many studies throughout the world.

Put aside the notion that to deny one's right to life, there should be a certain due process of law.

No, Judge Daughton, a retired judge who spends most of his time in Mystic, Connecticut, ruled that the there was a likelihood that planned parenthood could prove that the state constitution was violated because our legislature passed a laws requiring the abortionist to 1)actually talk to the patient about the procedure, 2)get the informed consent from the patient, 3) if the patient is a minor, make sure the parent consents to the abortion by getting the signature notarized.

Daughton also did not approve of the idea that the legislature could dictate who can do abortions, striking down the provision that limits the performance to actual doctors.

You see Planned Parenthood was violating the law for eight years in Tucson, allowing a nurse to preform abortions. When she got caught, the Nursing board, filled with pro-abortion zealots and Planned Parenthood patsies, decided that nurses could start killing babies. The legislature responded asserting its authority to license (Title 32, Chapter 15, Article 1 Professions and Occupations). so is the court saying that the legislature cannot determine who can be licensed and the nature of such licensing? Is the court ready to take all the authority to regulate and license away from the legislature?

Why have laws if the courts are going to act like dictators?

The continuing frustration of the will of the people by the courts has robbed us of our voice.

Now more than ever express your outrage that one judge can usurp the will of the people to protect the basic health rights of women by insuring that they are given accurate information.

After all judge Daughton, this is the same Planned Parenthood that was willing to flout the law when it came to reporting statutory rape. Do you think that they care about anything other than money and power?

If you think that any of this is aver the top, then watch Maafa21.com

One final word of appreciation to Cathi Herrod, CAP, Ron Johnson ACC, Nik Nikas, Bio-Ethics Defense Fund and the Alliance Defense Fund for their diligent efforts. I could comment on the attorney general's office but for now I will hold my tongue.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Butterfly Circus wins Grand Prize in Nashville

Those of you who remember the movie "Bella" and our friend Eduardo Verastegui will be happy to know that the fine young actor continues to use his talent to advance the arts by his support for works that uphold and promote the dignity of the human person. His latest work is as the mysterious showman in "The Butterfly Circus," a traveling troupe of circus performers entertaining small towns during the Great Depression.

The film is known in the industry as a "short" with a running time of 20 minutes. The message is one of hope. The film was entered in the Doorpost Film Project, which according to its site "exists to encourage truth-seeking visionaries by honoring their creativity as filmmakers, serving them in the context of building community and sharing their discoveries with the world so that others may have hope."

I strongly encourage you to watch "The Butterfly Circus" and then tell me what you think of it. Your comments will be sent to the Eduardo and others so that they will know how this film has affected you and the community.

I have deliberately not given you any of the story details. Watch the film and see how this work reflects on the work we do at Arizona Right to Life and indeed what is being accomplished throughout the entire pro-life movement.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abortion Industry leader Planned Parenthood sues over abortion regulations

Just as the monsoons follow the hot summers in Arizona, so too that whenever Arizona lawmakers pass reasonable legislation to provide women with information about abortion, the opportunity for serious consideration over a very important and life altering decision, and basic protections for women form the greedy abortion industry, Planned Parenthood will be there in September to file lawsuits attempting to enjoin the statutes.

fro the last eight year PP had Janet Napolitano do its dirty work as she vetoed nine pieces of legislation passed by the state's lawmakers. These bills enjoyed strong majority support from the people. Of course doing what the people ask is not a consideration when it comes to abortion.

Delaying enforcement is an economical decision for the world's largest killer of babies. filing suit in their minds is about keeping the status quo in place so that they can continue to main women, kill babies and lie to their patients about what an abortion will do to them and their child.

Lawsuits were filed both in state court and in Federal Court.

Pro-lifers are concerned that terry Goddard, long someone in Planned Parenthood's back pocket would roll over and not defend the laws. considering that PP has been a strong supporter of Goddard over the years, including the time when PP lobbied him to psss the bubble ordinance in Phoenix when he was mayor, a strong question about a conflict of interest could be made.

Here is what the legislation required. The women are to be told the truth about the abortion procedure. Then they get to think about it for 24 hours. The person telling them is the doctor who will perform the abortion. This way the women does not meet the doctor for the very first time when she is medicated and cannot ask serious questions. No nurses can perform abortions. Those who have conscience concerns are not required to dispense abortifacients.

Planned parenthood is not interested in informing the woman about the details of the procedure. One real good question to ask the abortionist is if he or she has independent medical malpractice insurance coverage. The woman should ask if the abortionist has hospital privileges at the closest hospital to the abortion mill. She might ask if the person committing the abortion on her is a real doctor.

Of course Planned Parenthood is not interested in providing answers to these very reasonable questions. Its just all about the money.

I will have more to say about this later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday, September 11, a pro-life activist was murdered for exercising his first amendment right of free speech. Jim Pouillon of Owossa, Michigan was shot to death while sitting on the side of a street with a pro-life sign that showed an unborn child and the word "life."The suspect has admitted to police that he shot the 63 year old pro-lifer because he "objected" to the "graphic" picture of the unborn child.

The national press ignored the story. The cable news failed to report on it. Listening to the cable news at the Airport this morning, there was no mention of the slaying.

So much for the old adage, "If it bleeds, it leads." The line does not apply when the blood shed it that of a pro-lifer.

President Obama should call upon all of those in the abortion industry to stop spreading hate and hate filled speech directed toward pro-lifers. It is bad enough that the industry makes its living killing babies. Killing those who oppose them really makes them look like organized crime.

As for the media, liberal talking heads should look in the mirror and consider all of the foul things they have directed at pro-life activists. They should consider that their attacks on pro-lifers only fuels the violence.

Wait .... that sort of comment can only be directed toward pro-lifers...

Saturday, September 05, 2009




The headline is not original. For many years during the late 1960s and 70s, Black leaders would start their speeches on their view that abortion was being pushed as a means of eliminating the Africa-American community. Civil Rights leaders from Jesse Jackson to Dick Gregory to Stokely Carmichael would allude to the paucity of real concrete assistance in the ghettos, but the over abundance of family planning clinics focused on reducing the Black population. Then Jesse decided he wanted to be president, organizations financing the civil rights struggles told leaders to hush when the abortion issue came up and another cover up in American politics took place with nary a complaint.

During the years that have passed, many of us would raise the issue of black genocide only to find the audience uninterested in what was happening in “those” communities. Yet the statistics reveal that over 37% of the abortions in the United States are committed on African-American women.

Now a new documentary has arrived on the scene. MAAFA 21 is a serious fact intensive documentary that exposes for the first time on film the systematic effort by the racists in America to exterminate the Black population through abortion and birth control. Done in the style of Ken Burns, this documentary walks the viewer from the end of the Civil War to the present day. It weaves a compelling indictment of the racists in America who attempted to control, lessen or even eliminate African- Americans once they got their freedom.

Produced by Life Dynamics and directed by Mark Crutcher, every person who cares about the problems caused by abortion will want to see this film. Not only that, but you will also want to show any person who doubts the corrosive effects abortion has had on the culture.

Planned Parenthood is the primary focus of the documentary once the history is presented. Founded by Margaret Sanger an avowed racist and bigot, and originally known as the American Birth Control League, Sanger’s organization had strong ties to the Eugenics movement, which held that Blacks and other non-white races were inferior to the white man. Crutcher reveals the close ties the leaders of the American Eugenics Society had with the Thirds Reich prior to World War II. The film connects the dots and presents a strong indictment of the elitist mentality that controls the Democratic party today as well as many huge international business conglomerates. A film that will need to be viewed over and over again, I recommend MAAFA 21 to anyone who wants to help make a sea change in the struggle to end abortion in America.

Fortunately there are now many organizations standing up to the abortion industry within and among the Black Community. Leaders like Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., are leading the fight to expose the racist eugneic nature of Planned Parenthood.
View the trailer