Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Planned Parenthood attacks consent law, assaults women and families.

If there was ever an example of the deep hatred and animosity that Planned Parenthood has for motherhood and women in general, it is the propensity to which it files lawsuits and attacks reasonable regulations concerning abortion. These laws are supported by 75 per cent of the American people. Yet Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider cares not about women but about the almighty dollar.

In Arizona earlier today an out of touch judge acted as their agent to deny the state the right to protect women from an unlicensed and pernicious industry by enjoining the enforcement of those laws passed by a strong majority in our State legislature.

Put aside for a moment that the current laws formulated by unelected jurists allows for the intentional killing of a pre-born human being.

Put aside that the long term physical and emotional effect of killing that child on the woman has been documented through many studies throughout the world.

Put aside the notion that to deny one's right to life, there should be a certain due process of law.

No, Judge Daughton, a retired judge who spends most of his time in Mystic, Connecticut, ruled that the there was a likelihood that planned parenthood could prove that the state constitution was violated because our legislature passed a laws requiring the abortionist to 1)actually talk to the patient about the procedure, 2)get the informed consent from the patient, 3) if the patient is a minor, make sure the parent consents to the abortion by getting the signature notarized.

Daughton also did not approve of the idea that the legislature could dictate who can do abortions, striking down the provision that limits the performance to actual doctors.

You see Planned Parenthood was violating the law for eight years in Tucson, allowing a nurse to preform abortions. When she got caught, the Nursing board, filled with pro-abortion zealots and Planned Parenthood patsies, decided that nurses could start killing babies. The legislature responded asserting its authority to license (Title 32, Chapter 15, Article 1 Professions and Occupations). so is the court saying that the legislature cannot determine who can be licensed and the nature of such licensing? Is the court ready to take all the authority to regulate and license away from the legislature?

Why have laws if the courts are going to act like dictators?

The continuing frustration of the will of the people by the courts has robbed us of our voice.

Now more than ever express your outrage that one judge can usurp the will of the people to protect the basic health rights of women by insuring that they are given accurate information.

After all judge Daughton, this is the same Planned Parenthood that was willing to flout the law when it came to reporting statutory rape. Do you think that they care about anything other than money and power?

If you think that any of this is aver the top, then watch Maafa21.com

One final word of appreciation to Cathi Herrod, CAP, Ron Johnson ACC, Nik Nikas, Bio-Ethics Defense Fund and the Alliance Defense Fund for their diligent efforts. I could comment on the attorney general's office but for now I will hold my tongue.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

I know that I always sound like a nagging broken record, but this ruling, like the earlier, even more broadly destructive SIMAT decision, is all the more reason -- and ammunition, if leveraged effectively -- to permanently overturn the activist judiciary's and the weasally AG's usurpation of the legislature's constitutional authority by passage and voter ratification of a cleverly worded state amendment.

Not, I hope, to be either presumptuous or needlessly pessimistic about it, but the alternative is to endlessly engage in this sort of futulity and frustration.


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