Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abortion Industry leader Planned Parenthood sues over abortion regulations

Just as the monsoons follow the hot summers in Arizona, so too that whenever Arizona lawmakers pass reasonable legislation to provide women with information about abortion, the opportunity for serious consideration over a very important and life altering decision, and basic protections for women form the greedy abortion industry, Planned Parenthood will be there in September to file lawsuits attempting to enjoin the statutes.

fro the last eight year PP had Janet Napolitano do its dirty work as she vetoed nine pieces of legislation passed by the state's lawmakers. These bills enjoyed strong majority support from the people. Of course doing what the people ask is not a consideration when it comes to abortion.

Delaying enforcement is an economical decision for the world's largest killer of babies. filing suit in their minds is about keeping the status quo in place so that they can continue to main women, kill babies and lie to their patients about what an abortion will do to them and their child.

Lawsuits were filed both in state court and in Federal Court.

Pro-lifers are concerned that terry Goddard, long someone in Planned Parenthood's back pocket would roll over and not defend the laws. considering that PP has been a strong supporter of Goddard over the years, including the time when PP lobbied him to psss the bubble ordinance in Phoenix when he was mayor, a strong question about a conflict of interest could be made.

Here is what the legislation required. The women are to be told the truth about the abortion procedure. Then they get to think about it for 24 hours. The person telling them is the doctor who will perform the abortion. This way the women does not meet the doctor for the very first time when she is medicated and cannot ask serious questions. No nurses can perform abortions. Those who have conscience concerns are not required to dispense abortifacients.

Planned parenthood is not interested in informing the woman about the details of the procedure. One real good question to ask the abortionist is if he or she has independent medical malpractice insurance coverage. The woman should ask if the abortionist has hospital privileges at the closest hospital to the abortion mill. She might ask if the person committing the abortion on her is a real doctor.

Of course Planned Parenthood is not interested in providing answers to these very reasonable questions. Its just all about the money.

I will have more to say about this later.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous John K. walker said...

The fear that Goddard will violate his oath of office by not vigorously defending Arizona's perfectly constitutional pro-life laws is well founded. Right before I moved here in 1997, the same sort of situation occurred in Illinois when then-Attorney General Roland Burris (whose public greatness has only become nationally known this year, thanks to his getting a freebie U.S. Senate position courtesy of the state's profoundly corrupt ex-Governor Blagojovich) simply neglected to file a timely defense of the state's perfectly constitutional prohibition against public reimbursement for elective abortions performed on public aid recipients. Since the U.S. Supreme Court had already upheld this sort of law on the federal level regarding the Hyde Amendment, this chicanery allowed the abortion to concoct a bogus state constitutional abortion right out of thin air, as well as dooming God-only-knows how many additional pre-birth babies.

This is precisely why it is so important to permanently overturn the SIMAT decision, the same abortion lobby's equivalent success here in Arizona.

(BTW, Illinois's previous AG was a formerly pro-life Democrat, Neil Hartigan, who like others such as Dick Durbin, Richard Gephardt, Jesse Jackson, etc. saw the sleazy necessity of selling out moral principles for political ones when attempting to win higher office. Alas, his bid for Governor failed anyway, just as Burris lost in bids for the U.S. Senate, the Illinois Governorship, and the Chicago Mayor's position -- never even winning the Democratic primary! But "luckily" for him, Governor Blago came along to fulfill his unearned dream....)


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