Friday, July 24, 2009

Urgent - House to Vote on Pence Amemdment. Action Required.

Urgent - Vote on Pence amendment today - ACTION ITEM

This morning, the House will vote on a Pence Amendment that would strip Planned Parenthood of its $350 million in taxpayer funding.

This is going to be a great preview for us to see which blue dog Democrats in the House are serious about keeping abortion funding out of the health care bill and which democrats are willing to listen to the pressure of their constituents regardless of their public position on abortion.

Please follow the steps below ASAP.

Thank you, you are the only lobbyists in Washington the unborn have


1. Call Harry Mitchell's' office at (202) 225-2190 He represents CD5.

2. Call Ed Pastor's office at (202) 225-4065 He represents CD4.

3. Call Raul Grijalva's office at (202) 225-2435 He represents CD7.

4. Call Gabrielle Gifford's office at (202) 225-2542 She represents CD8.

5. Tell the staff member who answers the phone that you are a constituent if that is correct or that you live in Arizona. You want the representative to vote YES on the Pence Amendment to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, because you do not want your tax dollars funding the largest abortion provider in America.

6. Please also call the Republican members of the Arizona delegation as well. All are on record as supporting the Pence Amendment. However it is always good to remind them that 80% of the American people do not want their tax dollars going to fund Planned Parenthood.


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