Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A call to arms and making telephone calls, too

So here is the latest on "Obamacare" and the drive by the White House and the Democratic leadership in Congress to force taxpayer funded abortions down the country's throat.

First the efforts by the Pro-life community nationwide to get out the message appear to be working. The telephones lines in congressional offices are being clogged with angry voters who are very upset that abortion has found its way into this bill. This concern only adds to the public's increasing fears that the massive spending will completely overwhelm the system. so my first admonition is to continue to call and ask others to make their concerns known as well.

Second, the fears of certain congressional representatives that this massive spending and takeover by the government of a key component of our economic and social lives has forced the leadership to consider the likelihood that there will not be nay vote taking place before the August recess. This opportunity to have the elected representatives back home to hear the anger of the voters over the irresponsible behavior of the Congress means that we have to make our voices very clear in this regard. For us in Arizona, that means putting pressure on Harry Mitchell in District 5, Ed Pastor in CD4, Giffords in CD8 and Grijalva in CD7. And it would be well advised to contact the other four to show support for their efforts to oppose this massive government takeover.

Over 1000 pages. Who has had time to look at it? Yet they are trying to force it through before the public knows what is happening. Is it a mere coincidence that much of the country is taking time out fore vacations and other family related events?

Is it so very interesting that all of the rhetoric by Obama on how his administration would be transparent and fully informing the public is so much garbage?

Is the fact that he just lied to the pope about wanting top reduce abortions while contemporaneously supporting public funding of abortions for the District of Columbia speak at all to the the hundreds of thousands who were duped into listening to little old priests who were enamored with the history of electing the first black president?

Does it now make perfect sense why Planned Parenthood has been building these massive abortion mills in various states?

No one listened - or should I say not enough voters listened. and now between health care that would require abortion coverage and DC abortion funding, and efforts to eliminate the Hyde Amendment (and do not forget FOCA), we are at a major crossroads. All of us must get involved and do something. Call your representative. Call your neighbor. Explain what is happening. and if they do not like listening, do not stop. Continue to tell the truth about this assault on our liberties and freedoms.

Realize that your action is needed. Your involvement is needed. If you care about the future of this nation, now is the time for all good people to come to he aid of their country.


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At 11:52 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

Your comment that, "No one listened - or should I say not enough voters listened," is similar to Jill Stanek's reaction after the election (when she rightly referred to Obama as a "barbarian" on the issue; well-informed since she had personally revealed his dastardly activities in the Illinois legislature), that most voters either didn't believe, or didn't know, or didn't care, about his record of absolute indifference to the now 50 million+ lives lost to this atrocity -- regardless of either how he tried to politically spin the truth once it was out (of course, with the willing assistance of the dishonest media), or of what he now tells the Pope.

As to the frequently cited, appalling duplicity and/or naivete of many "Catholics" (whether clergy or lay), it really does appear that about 30 years ago some accountants or lawyers warned the US hierarchy that their tax exemption was in danger if they continued their mission to defend (even if only verbally) the lives of our pre-birth brothers and sisters. These cowardly "leaders" then seem to have capitulated to this nonsense (I wish the IRS actually would have attempted such an action, since this would have forced to abortion debate even further to the fore), resulting in the nauseatiing contradiction we have within the church today.

On this level, the conflict really is simple: based on the scientific facts and on the requirements for a civilized (in ours case, pluralistic and democratic) society, providing legal protection to pre-born babies is either a moral imperative (de facto homicide or manslaughter), or it is not (i.e., just another form of birth control).

The NRLC NEWS used to carry a quote (I don't remember the source) on its masthead that I wish were still there: (paraphrasing) "Once or twice every century there arises a moral issue so fundamental in scope that if forces every person to take a stand." And this being undeniably true with regard to abortion-on-demand, no compromise or permanent "common ground" will ever be possible. As with slavery or any other form of dehumanization by one politically powerful group over another, one sidde or the other must ultimately vanquish the other to the fringes. Thus is indifference or trivialization (as in equating, or even minimizing, its importance compared to other issues) of this nightmare untenable, and so should irresistably bother all of our consciences....


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