Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regarding Tiller's death: food for thought

As I anticipate the reaction of the media and how I expect them to vilify pro-lifers in the aftermath of Tiller's death, it struck me that the very people who have defended his actions for years, allowed him to violate the law with impunity and gave him cover in the press may be as much responsible for his death as the person who killed him this morning.

Think about it. Had the abortion industry not been so relentless in its persecution of Phill Kline when he was investigating the allegations of Tiller's criminal behavior, had they allowed him to present his case to the courts and the public, had there been a full hearing of all the criminal allegations instead of the weak case that went to trial and resulted in Tiler's acquittal, perhaps Tiller would not have been practicing his deadly arts, and this event would not have occurred.

So rather than blame the pro-life movement for pointing out the evil of abortion, perhaps the media should look at the abortion industry and his political supporters, such as former Governor Kathleen Sebelius for protecting him from the just reach of the law.


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