Monday, April 27, 2009

Mary Ann Glendon - a Catholic with class and honor

By now everyone should know that Mary Ann Glendon, former Vatican ambassador, professor of law at Harvard and well known pro-life advocate has decided to decline the Laetare Medal being awarded to her by Notre Dame. In her letter she explains that while she was very honored , she could not accept it given the controversy over the institution's decision to invite President Obama. She was clearly no happy being used as a "talking point" in ND press releases.

Glendon shows us all what a person of honor will do when confronted by such a situation. She chose the truth. She did not compromise with evil. She chose the good. She made clear the need to recognize the USCCB statement. She chose the beautiful. Since she considers the teachings of the Catholic Church to be the Good News announcing salvation, promoting life, and acknowledging Christ, she could not participate in an event that so mocked the sanctity of life, the meaning of the Good News or the one who died that all may be saved.

A noble woman.

post script: the Obama spokesperson came out with a rather lame statement.

As I have postulated, this episode is part of a serious long term effort by the Left to undermine the credibility and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church.


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