Friday, April 03, 2009

Real Dialogue

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with an abortionist. I will not go into details on the reasons why the conversation took place in order to protect confidences, but I ask you to pray for him and his family that he will come to appreciate the truth that we all hold about the value and importance of human life. As one might suspect, he thinks he is "helping" women. He wanted to understand why we in the pro-life movement hold to certain positions. He had some misunderstandings and prejudices not uncommon to those of a liberal political persuasion. But the conversation was cordial and I hope we can meet again to continue to this real dialogue. For the purpose of dialogue is to seek truth in matters of importance. That he would meet with me and have a cup of coffee with me may or may not be significant. He had no compelling reason to do so. Yet he did. I will not analyze for you the details of our conversation, but I will ask you to pray for him. Those of you who know me can be certain that I was my typical 'straight to the point' self and I suggested that he find another line of work. He seemed to enjoy the banter and was not put off by my assertions of the correctness of the pro-life argument.

So now you and I have to pray for him. Since his appreciation for the presence of the Divine in his life is not readily apparent, we must also ask the Good Lord to make himself a little more obvious in the man's life. In short, he is a classic post modern relativist. yet I think he is searching for something. Perhaps with out prayers, he will discover the beauty of truth - in life, in nature, in God.

In the mean time, pro-lifers should continue to make their peaceful prayerful presence known in front of all abortion clinics as we continue to offer the real hope and change these abortion minded women really want and desperately need.


At 1:33 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...


This is very interesting and inspiring, and provides tangible evidence of the good you are doing on this level. We all hope and pray that your efforts with him bear fruit (as many others of yours have in the past, esp. the recent case of the "Women's Choice" clinic), and that he chooses to use his talents and position to advance the fundamental human right of children not to be legally exterminated, rather than profiting in a deeply corrupt industry destroying innocent lives.


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