Sunday, March 22, 2009

New disturbing trend in coerced abortions

The publication of a ghastly story out of Florida reveals a new disturbing trend in coerced abortion - that of parents forcing their minor aged daughters to submit to abortions or attempting to have them take abortion pills in order to induce their abortion.

Locally I have been involved in providing advice to young women who call and ask if their parents or step-parents can force them to go to the abortion mill to undergo the abortion. Many of them have told me that if they do not submit, they will be thrown out of the house or turned over to juvenile detention authorities. One teen called me and told me that her mother tried to prevent her from eating the night before she was to have gone to he local abortion facility.

no one can force a women to commit and abortion. Any doctor, health care provider, or clinic that performs an abortion upon a woman who has not provided her consent violates the law. What is also disturbing is the willingness of the abortion industry to go along with the coercion.

It is interesting that this generation of survivors of abortion is now being further destroyed by their own parents who aborted their siblings. Once again it is a further reminder of the common sense rule that sexual intimacy should be reserved for marriage.


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