Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday night musings

Some reflections on this Monday night - Tuesday morning before I turn in and get some much needed rest.

1. I saw The Human Experience Monday night at the Valley Art in Tempe, Az. This pre-screening was arranged courtesy of some local activists who want to test the market and provide support for the movie. The theater was sold out and after one could tell that those who attended were touched by the message. It isn't fair to speak of the specifics of the movie because as a viewer you will want to see it without any preconceived notions. The film has won a number of awards at various film festivals.

The lead actor and associate producer were on hand to field questions. Their sincerity and genuine passion for promoting the good in the human person was refreshing in this very sardonic and jaded society we find ourselves.

The showing tonight is downtown at the Herberger theater. One may be able to still get tickets. Tonight's showing was sold out.

2. Live Action Films intends to release another set of undercover films on Tuesday March 17 showing the dark and rancid side of the abortion industry. Lila Rose, who joined us for our AZRTL Dinner on March 7, 2009 is fast becoming the number one nemesis of Planned Parenthood for her gutsy provocative videos exposing the lies and deceit of the world's largest purveyor of child killing in the world. We applaud Lila for her courage.

3. After a quick "clarification' we have not heard much from Michael Steele following his very odd and almost deliberate statements to GQ Blog on "choice" and abortion. What Michael does not realize is that we in the pro-life movement know the difference between supporting a state's rights amendment and a human life amendment. No true pro-lifer worth his salt wants a state's rights amendment. All that would do is create 50 battles. Some may allow for the Supreme Court to throw it back to the states when it reverses Roe. But for those of us who truly want the killing to end, the court must recognize the humanity of the child. There is no "choice" when it comes to protecting human life. We must protect the child. There is no "choice" when it comes to abortion. It is always wrong. Michael needs also to understand that we in the movement are no longer going to be used by the GOP and unless the party takes on the role of advocate for life, there is no reason to support them.

4. We still do not appreciate the power of ultrasound and its ability to strip away the curtain of disbelief. Please pray that the pro-life movement can raise the funds to put the window to the womb on television and in other mediums so that people can meet the child at risk. Perhaps if we as a nation see the child in the womb, we may not be so quick to see the child gone.


At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Joe D. said...

Good post John, your always on the money.


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