Sunday, March 01, 2009

The case against Sebelius - part II

Great article by Clarke D. Forsythe and Denise M. Burke pointing out detailed information showing the blood she has on her hands and her connection not only with Tiller, the indicted abortionist who does third trimester abortions, but her connections with other corrupt and reprehensible abortionists in the Midwest.

Please continue to put pressure on the White House to pass on this most unqualified individual and choose someone who actually cares about the life and health of all Americans.


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

The AUL lawyers you cite are among the bare handfull of national pro-life leaders who actually seem to understand the landscape and act productively, but considering the reports that both of Kansas's pro-life U.S. Senators, Pat Roberts and (Catholic convert) Sam Brownback have already "congratulated" Sebelius on her appointment doesn't bode well for the prospects of opposing her. Maybe there are internal political considerations in Kansas making this beneficial to Brownback's intended campaign to replace her as Governor (just as Napolitano's departure has certainly benefited Arizona), but don't be surprised if he both fails and is replaced by some Kassebaum-like pro-abortion Republican in the Senate, particularly considering the recent ignominious defeats of Phill Kline, Jim Ryun, etc. in Kansas.

But what the hell, at least Sebelius's Bishop has "criticized" her for her pro-abortion absolutism, such as her dinners with patron George Tiller. I mean, it's not as if she performed the abortions themselves (which in Tiller's case, until the federal ban was upheld, probably included D&X / "partial birth"-types, in which the third-term baby's brains were sucked out in order to compress her skull enough to avoid having to perform a scar-inducing hysterotomy); she just benefited politically and financially from his bloodthirsty trade, so plausible moral deniability must apply, as long as she parrots the farcical "safe, legal, and rare" line.

This really isn't a joke, a mere rhetorical exercise, or a gentleman's game. There have already been multiple cases of US Senators with pro-life voting records voluntarily leaving office to be replaced by pro-abortion successors. Simple arithmetic demonstrates why the national political status quo has maintained ROE/DOE's unrestricted abortion-on-demand regime since 1973 (effectively reaffirmed by the 1992 CASEY decision), and, no doubt, will continue to result in millions of children being legally killed for convenience until either technology somehow makes the issue moot (by which time the corpse count will be well into the billions, and with the Culture of Death firmly in place to guide any future behavior), or -- let's be honest -- probably no less than the Second Coming of Christ.

Please forgive my reluctant but unavoidable shift beyond the secular human-rights arena in which legal abortion must be debated, but I personally don't believe that the message of the Gospel is to "wait around until the Millenium resolves everything" -- the only "moral 'rationale'" for the Church's lukewarmness (among both religious and lay, especially political officeholders) that my very limited imagination can concoct. It certainly WILL resolve everything, but such passivity and willful ignorance guarantee that this holocaust continues unabated in the meantime.


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