Monday, February 02, 2009

Most Americans do not want overseas funding of abortion

Here is a little slap in the face for the Obama administration. Over 65% of Americans according to a recent Gallop Poll do not approve of Obama's pro-abortion policies having to do with rescinding the Mexico City Policy and sending American taxpayer dollars overseas to fund pro-abortion extremist groups such as Planned Parenthood.

Too bad that the American people did not pay attention to the pro-life movement when it was trying to tell everyone that the country was about to elect the most radically pro-abortion president in history.

Equally sad that the Republican nominee failed to listen to pro-life advice about making the life and marriage issues a more important part of his campaign.

But then that is what happens when candidates listen to Washington lobby types who have no clue as to what resonates with the American people. Obama could "sound" reasonable on these values issues, even as he was articulating some radical agenda items. The people heard what they wanted to hear.

And then there were the so-called pro-life apologists for Obama, as well as some priests, ministers and others who misrepresented his radical pro-abortion views.

As a result more African American children will die.

More Latino children will die.

And the U.S. will be exporting the culture of death to countries who need help not destruction.


At 11:26 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...


Your statement that it is "Too bad that the American people did not pay attention to the pro-life movement when it was trying to tell everyone that the country was about to elect the most radically pro-abortion president in history" partly echoes Jill Stanek's reaction immediately after the election (when she also correctly labelled Obama a "barbarian" on abortion and pessimistically declared America now post-Christian, ala Europe), except that she also further differentiated that that the majority of voters who supported him either "didn't know, ... didn't believe, ... or didn't care" about his pro-abortion absolutism, even after she had personally exposed both his monstrous legislative record (in the Illinois State Senate and US Senate) and subsequent attempts to cover this up.

After 40+ years of this debate, the darker implications of her analysis must be right; the continuing indifference (even among the majority of Catholics, Southern Baptists, and other Christians of officially pro-life denominations) to over a million babies being legally exterminated can not be credibly attributed to innocent ignorance, but to willful disregard and massive self-rationalization (as detailed in many books and articles covering this hideous era). So once again it seems irrefutable that simply continuing along the same path will continue to produce the same results. Most tragically, this (as you allude) has been based on the premise that most people will respond morally if they are just provided the truth, and of course, many millions of Americans have -- but not even a majority, much less the sort of super-majorities constitutionally required to overcome the ROE regime.

Since in our totally media-based culture, perception IS reality, so "winning" (the perception game) and "leveraging" (as with reading the riot act to "pro-life" politicians who actually perpetuate this unacceptable status quo) are all that matter. Unfortunately, the DC people only seem to understand the ludicrously ineffective "schmoozing" approach to influence....

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