Monday, February 02, 2009

Turn off NBC and tell them why

Many of you know that NBC refused to air and incredibly positive pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl. The ad, promoted by can be seen on Youtube.

So what to do?

Here is a modest suggestion. Call the local NBC affiliate and politely tell them that you will no longer be watching any NBC programming. Tell them that you are going to pass the word to everyone you know. Then explain that if the local affiliate will pick up the ad and run it for a week or two during the NBC Nightly News, you will consider that the local folks should not suffer for what the Corporate heads did.

Then follow up with an email to the NBC folks in New York and tell them how bigoted and prejudiced they are against African Americans who face terrible odds just to be born.

Remind them that if they are afraid to show the truth, they are not worth watching.

Then call a few advertisers and tell them that you a re no longer going to watch NBC.

Will it take a little effort? Yes.

And the reason that the effort will be worth it, is because you are speaking out in defense of life.

ACTION: Send your complaints about the rejection of the ad to Victoria Morgan, Vice President, Advertising Standards, NBC Universal, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 1825 E. New York, NY 10112. Call (212) 664-4267 or fax (212) 664-6366 or email


At 4:14 PM, Blogger FlowerFarm said...

Thanks for the info on how to contact NBC- I have done so. I loved the commercial that was rejected by the liberal media.

I've been saying all along- our President is lucky his mother wanted him when she herself was so young at his birth.

Since his criteria for human value seems to be dependant on the fact that your mother wants you to live, he is a very fortunate man, don't you think?

Though there is this insanity in the world guised as "woman's health", and as we work to protect innocent life, we can know God is ultimately in control- And I think there is a special place for His children who are victims of selfishness in this world.

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

FlowerFarm's poignant and eloquent annunciation of God's love for the now hundreds of millions of babies legally slaughtered prior to birth for "civilized" society's heinous selfishness reminded me of one the very few positive steps that the Catholic Church hierarchy has taken in the past few years: renouncing the downright sadistic claim that unbaptized children (of course, including stillborn babies and abortion victims) were arbitrarily condemned to "limbo" by what would have to be a tyranical, absolutely anti-Gospel Supreme Being. In fact, when they announced this change about a year-and-ahalf ago, they further clarified that the "damnation" doctrine had never officially been Church teaching.

Maintaining such a cruel, baseless claim certainly flew in the face of both the Church's courageous pro-life stance AND of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (prior to which EVERY non-Baptized Catholic was similarly condemned!), and whether Mel Gibson and his certifiable father, this latest monstrous Holocaust-denying Lefebvrian "Bishop" Richard Williamson, or anyone else likes it, Vatican II IS official Catholic teaching. It's sadly tragic that they waited so long, but better late than never I guess (though my all-time favorite Parish Pastor once explicitly repudiated this outrage in a Homily). Now if they would only uphold their own policies and Canon Law regarding pro-abortion politicians....

I would be very interested to hear of comparable doctrines within other Christian denominations or in branches of Judaism and Islam, and whether these have ever been similarly reversed.


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