Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a reason to be thankful

During the recent election campaigns, I received many emails from people who were very scared or depressed or worried about what may happen. When the voters made their choice, many of these same folks were again depressed. Some of the people who hated McCain tried to rub it in, others asked me what I was going to do since he had lost. And then there were the press accounts consigning the pro-life movement to the grave - yet again.

For those who visit this site, you all know that I had no time to wallow in pity and depression over the election results. My granddaughter was born on November 5, the birthday of my son Justin. His brother had a birthday on November 14. I visited my son in Dallas while attending a fabulous conference on the life and writings of St. Thomas More. A dear friend passed away on November 17 and we prayed for him and all others who have died at his funeral mass on November 22. My son Peter's football team won and exciting game later that afternoon. During this same time I visited one of the emergency pregnancy centers an met with a women who chose life for her baby due to the tremendous work and of one of our sidewalk counselors. I attended a CAP dinner where over 900 people listened to Hugh Hewitt. There were over a 1000 people who supported the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The day after the election I joined in a conference call of over 6000 pro-lifers who re-committed themselves to making abortion unthinkable. I could go on with all that is happening but the point is that LIFE goes on and God is still sovereign.

WE must always be grateful for that reality. He is our rock. He is the source of our peace. AS difficult as life can be, as dangerous as things are and as tough as the times may be ahead, God is still in control. He is our strength.

So while we mourn the loss of the babies killed by the evil hand of the abortion industry, as we worry about our nation and the course it may take, as we wonder how we can be effective in this climate of fear, remember that He is always with you. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Never give up the fight to protect the unborn. Never compromise the truth. Continue to support the cause and don't forget your end of year gift as well.

Be thankful for your life, your family, your faith and the chance to make a difference. Then go out and make that difference in people's lives.


At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your last three posts certainly reflect the necessity of those of us who know what a nightmarish toll of human death and sorrow the mega-violence of legal abortion-on-demand has, and will continue, to exact on our “civilization.” Particularly poignant is your use of the common phrase “life goes on,” in that precisely the opposite sentiment (“Life will NOT go on”) was expressed by Jill Stanek on her website immediately after the horror of the election of Obama (whom she aptly described as a “barbarian”) was confirmed. And your urging people to pray for Anthony Kennedy’s moral awakening to what his willing complicity (going back to the Casey decision) in state-sanctioned infanticide undeniably reflects the same sort of legal/political pessimism, even when couched in rightly hopeful Christian terms as to his personal moral redemption (which also starkly contrasts with Jill’s frank admission that these election results indicate that this country really has now abandoned all pretense to a Judeo-Christian moral foundation).

As such, I believe that it is incumbent for the pro-life leadership’s credibility to acknowledge (as Jill Stanek certainly has) that the election of Obama and strongly pro-abortion majorities in both houses of the US Congress (although at least here in Arizona the results were better), following another such disaster in 2006, represents more than just some sort of temporary “setback,” or even just an unacceptable squandering of the political strength secured back in the 1994 elections, the first off-year elections of the last pro-abortion President, bill Clinton. (Given the country’s current political climate, absolute media bias, ongoing economic problems, and the seats to be defended in the US Senate, there is no chance whatsoever that another such turnaround will occur in 2010.) In a variety of contexts we have all heard the phrase “the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things, while expecting different results.” There ARE ways to make tangible progress on the core issue of whether pre-birth children will always continue to be legally subject to arbitrary extermination as they have been nationwide since January 22, 1973 (and for up to six years prior in some states), but maintaining the “strategy” of supporting nominally “pro-life” politicians, who never actually deliver anything substantive in this direction in return for this support, and deliberately undermine the cause by supporting their pro-abortion party colleagues, will NEVER lead to the only acceptable outcome. Sorry, but this is a matter of simple arithmetic: supporting someone who cancels your own “pro-life” vote leads to defeat (which stalemate is for the pro-life side), especially where super-majorities are required; likewise for hypocritical cowardice in confirming pro-ROE judges. (I shed not one tear for the defeat of Liddy Dole after her past chicanery in this area.)

And what else seems broadly missing from the consciousness of the careerist pro-life leadership (especially in D.C.) is that this issue has not been about reality for decades. If it were, the dedicated efforts of the pro-life side from the late 1960’s to the mid-1980’s (culminating with Nathanson’s “Silent Scream” ultrasound video) to show the sadism inherent in dismembering or scalding babies to death prior to forcing them out of their natural environments would have already resulted in the sort of national enlightenment that a genuinely civilized society would have undergone, but tragically has not. Of course, whether this can ever occur is only known to God, but the established power of the leftist pro-abortion media should have made it obvious by now that perception trumps reality. Particularly in America, WINNING is what matters, i.e. defeating the other side (meaning the abortion industry and lobby, not abortive women or families), even if only incrementally, thus crassly showing them to be “losers,” and demonstrating “momentum.”

As I said, there ARE ways to turn this disaster around, but hobnobbing with semi-compliant politicians at cocktail parties as has been occurring for 35 years now IS NOT one of them – more like wearing a “KICK ME” sign, guaranteed to change nothing for another forty years….

John K. Walker


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