Friday, October 24, 2008

Reflecting on What Sarah Palin has taught us

I have been thinking for some time that the attacks on Governor Sarah Palin are more about the failings of our modern media and its attitude toward women. After all until Palin arrived on the national scene, the symbol of the modern successful woman was Hillary Clinton. The media dismissed Secretary of State Condelesa Rice - after all she is Black and a Republican and worked for that terrible George Bush.

Then along comes this articulate attractive conservative mother with five - count them five - children and a handsome husband who does not seem to mind that his wife is the governor of the state and the media goes absolutely nuts.

First we have the attacks of the angry left-wing nut-job blogosphere. This was followed by the smug condescending look by the mainstream media so perfectly personified in Charles Gibson.

so the attacks and the insults continue.

It is all because she is so pro-life.

So when anyone questions her credentials, ask why they dot not ask the same question of Obama's credentials.

Victor Davis Hanson stated it nicely over at NRO online.

Kevin Burke also touched upon the reaction that the left to her pro-life stand and wondered if the negative response had to do with post abortion guilt. You can link to his article here.

As I see the pettiness with which the press goes after her, I can only think it is attempting to send a message to other women of her character and quality to stay away.

But women like Sarah Palin have been a powerful part of the building and forming of this nation. Whether it was moving from the East Coast to the heartland of America, or taming the West, American women have always been an example of fearless dedication to the principles of faith, family and freedom. The West would not have become a part of the United States without women settling in the grassslands of Kansas or trekking across the Oregon Trail.

An abiding respect for the dignity of human life, a willingness to sacrifice for the future and the understanding of the sanctity of marriage, all of these values have been nurtured and taught by our mothers. These were the same women who denounced abortion as child murder. They would spit on the modern feminists who dare to claim the name.
They were strong human beings and because of their tenacity one could argue that was how the west was finally won.

Unfortunately for the society at large today, there is not the appreciation of the woman who can be strong and yet still appreciate as to the greatest gift her womanhood offers the culture.
Thus the anger is expressed at those who are an example of such a person.

I would suggest that Sarah Palin continues in this grand tradition.


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