Monday, October 06, 2008

Remaining Focused

A number of friends throughout the country have contacted me lately wondering in what direction this election will turn. Some are admittedly anxious and concerned about the recent polls and the number of states that remain in play. Their frustrations over the last two weeks would seem to support the media's efforts to play the inevitability game in order to depress the vote and weaken the resolve of McCain supporters.

But I informed these colleagues that this is precisely what the media is doing. The only problem is that their understanding of the American people is limited. True, they understand the short attention span of the public and its generally optimistic and forgiving nature. They successfully exploited such sentiments when Bill Clinton was president.

However this is a different situation and I think that the latest effort by the media is to either ignore McCain or cast him and Palin in a bad light. The so-called financial crisis has been used by the press to create the idea that it was a Republican problem and hence the fault of George Bush. But the use of the Internet and the constant eye of C-SPAN has made a mockery of the so-called mainstream media and any objectivity they may claim to possess. The videos of Barney Frank and other Democrats complaining that the all the Republicans want to do is investigate and regulate is almost humorous given the grim revelations of fraud, collusion and deceit by Obama and his advisers.

So do the people know what is happening?

Do they know - really know - who Barack Obama is?

And can they tell me what has he done to show me that he is qualified to run for president?

Here is what I know.

He is an EXTREME pro-abortion candidate supported by Planned Parenthood.

He is in favor of abortion through the entire nine months of pregnancy and has voted against every reasonable restriction regarding abortion.

He opposed the nominations of Justice Roberts and Alito.

He called Clarence Thomas being on the court a mistake.

He is a stooge and lackey of Planned Parenthood and has embraced their anti-Christian and anti-Catholic behavior by calling for the passage of the Freedom of Choice act. The bill would nullify all anti-abortion restrictions, limitations and parental controls throughout the state.

Barack Obama does not believe in the process of letting the people decide these issues. He thinks the courts should decide. His statements seem to support the position that the court should rule us all. But then that has always been the attitude of the Left. The Left has always been wary of the people deciding anything. Only the elite should decide.

So what is to be done.

First lets get something straight. The only poll important is the one on election day. We have less than a month to get out our people to support the cause of life. No believer of life, no believer in the right to life can vote for Obama. He is not qualified to receive the vote of those who would support and protect unborn life. It is very simple. We cannot support a candidate who supports partial birth abortion, infanticide, and has opposed reasonable restrictions on abortion. No matter what you read, no matter how the press tries to spin it, no matter what so-called Christians who have drunk the kool-aid tell you, Obmama is a believer in killing unborn babies. I wish it was not true. But it is. Then again this a a fellow who cut his teeth in Chicago politics. He is a crony of Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground terrorist. Why he is not in jail is an interesting question. Perhaps it is that due process of law that he was trying to destroy. Add to him the financial advisers that came from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Throw in the Rev. Wright, who has this problem with white folks and one has a pretty good argument for opposing the likes of Barack Obama.

You see, someone who would side with Planned Parenthood against his own people must be considered questionable. It was after all Jesse Jsckson, who in his younger and less corrupt days said that poor women did not want abortions and that abortion was Black genocide. But that was before Jesse decided to run for president.

Second. There is a lot of work to be done and it can get done. If the Catholics and the Evangelicals who support the right to life vote, McCain wins. If the Catholics realize that they control the fate of this nation and do the right thing, McCain wins. If the Evangelicals stand up for marriage and for life, the pro-life movement and the babies and John McCain win.

But it requires effort. Especially in the Midwest where the economic downturn is affecting a lot of people, they need to get on their knees, confess their sins and ask God to heal the Land.

So be not afraid.

Pray as if it depends on God.
Work as if it depends on you.
Trust that the Lord will show mercy upon this nation.

Do not give up. Don't ever quit. The lives of future generations depend on you.


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