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The betrayal of Doug Kmiec

Many of us have marveled at the complete transition of Doug Kmiec from conservative pro-life legal scholar to abortion apologist for Barack Obama. Having written initially about his betrayal, I professed my amazement that he could in good conscience support a person who has publicly declared his support for the Freedom of Choice Act, a person who has embraced in totality the philosophy of Planned Parenthood and a person who has never voted for a measure that would limit abortions in any way.
Barack Obama is so totally pro-abortion that to vote for him is to vote for Planned Parenthood.
I had hoped that Doug Kmiec would just fade away into irrelevance and I would have to comment on his betrayal of the life principles no more.
Alas, tis not to be. For he has helped with another website that falsely pretends to state that Obama is pro-life and he even puts up a defense of Obama that totally distorts the facts.
So I must once again warn anyone who comes across this site that it is a pack of lies designed to mislead, misrepresent and misinform the reader. Unfortunately honesty is the first thing to fall in the world of the pro-abortion defender. As a close friend said to me recently, those who support abortion have no problem telling lies.
Here are the facts.
Obama is more pro-abortion than any recent presidential candidate in memory. He is the product of radical left wing thinking. He wants abortion on demand and will oppose any restrictions on abortion. He thinks that women can get abortions any time, any place and age. He favors government funding of abortion. He opposes any restrictions on abortion, meaning that he wants abortion available throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.
While his use of Doug Kmiec is an effort to woo Catholics, everything Obama believes in is the antithesis of Catholic beliefs. The Church recognizes Science and medicine to identify the beginning of each human person. Obama believes that knowing when human life begins is “above his pay grade.” Either Obama is stupid or he is lying. My 5 year old knows that what is in the mother’s womb is a baby. I think Obama knows as well, but he is so beholden to the pro-abortionists for his place in the U.S. Senate that he cannot stand to tell the truth.
But Doug Kmiec knows that abortion kills an unborn child. So his betrayal of the pro-life cause is even more disgusting. Now He seeks to lead others down his death embracing path. He wants people to believe that one can support a pro-abortion candidate without imperiling one’s soul. That takes a great deal of gall. But then it has long been known that when a person decided to commit to something, he would have all others either agree with him or suffer the consequences. It is why Henry VII could not suffer Thomas More to live. It is why Herod could not let John the Baptist remain free. And tragically it is why Doug Kmiec has to promote the election of Barack Obama. His logic is flawed and his arguments are superficial. But he is committed to his new master in a way that is almost pitiable.


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Along the same lines, I was, frankly, being too charitable and/or optimistic in the response I made to your earlier condemnation of Pelosi and Biden's hypocrisy, and each of their respective Bishop's moral cowardice in in allowing such abortion enablers to flout Catholic Church principles on the sanctity of life, in which I also cited Kmiec (as well as fellow "Catholic" pro-abortion stalwart Andrew Sullivan) as being permitted to freely spew their destructive lies.

For even in this Phoenix Diocese, which, unlike in Tucson, we are blessed with a committed pro-life leader in Bishop Olmstead, there is a pervasive, rather brazen -- and, tragically, quite influential -- fifth column of pro-abortion enablers who deliberately adopt a Kmiec-like distortion of the Catholic Church's multi-facetted respect for life (as officially expressed by Pope John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae, and previously in the USA in Cardinal Bernardin's advocacy of a "seamless garment" --a liberal pro-life stance to complement the better known conservative one). Predictably, the Francis Kisslings of the world quickly exploited this broad-based expression of universal Christian love by equating lesser socio-economic issues and/or the standard "pro-choice" canards with the paramount one of whether children should be vulnerable to legal extermination prior to birth. Despite the Church's (including the late Cardinal Bernardin) having made clear that actively opposing infanticide (which is all that legal abortion-on-demand has ever been) far exceeds peripheral political issues in importance, the spineless Hierarchy not only continues to let these pro-abortion activists and politicians operate with impunity, but in effect provides tacit approval of their efforts!!!

This duplicity is evidenced, even in our pro-life diocese, by the constant claims in the bi-weekly (largely worthless, IMHO) Catholic Sun newspaper (including in the most recent issue) that "pro-life is more than just anti-abortion" -- which it may well be, but this claim is deliberately misleading. Being "pro-life" in any meaningful sense logically and morally requires actively opposing state-sanctioned baby killing -- i.e, being "right-to-life" on human rights grounds. Whether this is "sufficient," or merely "necessary" is an issue on which "reasonable people may disagree," but it is the lethal nature of abortion itself that does not permit conscientiously equating it with any other public controversy.

Why the Phoenix Diocese, including Bishop Olmstead himself, permits its own arguments (on abortion and other moral matters) to be undermined this way within its own publication (sometimes right over on the opposite editorial page!) is something I have never been able to understand, but it is symbolic of why the right-to-life "movement" never actually gets anywhere....

John K. Walker
Phoenix, AZ

At 4:51 AM, Anonymous David Bereit said...

You tell 'em, John! Keep up the great work!

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I just saw today that Christopher Buckley, son of the late William F. (and heir to his magazine National Review) is supporting Obama in part because the younger Mr. Buckley considers himself is "libertarian" on abortion (despite his still writing for the traditionally conservative NR). Although his uncle was always a far stronger defender of pre-birth children's lives than was his father, here we have another example of a member of a prominent (and, not insignificantly, rich), supposedly Catholic family (Irish, in their case) who, openly (in fact, very smarmily) is advocating for continued state-sanctioned infanticide, and no one in the Church hierarachy will ever do anything about it.

Unlike their rightly revered predecessors Cardinal O'Connor (of NY) and Cardinal Bernadin (Chicago), who for nearly 20 years very effectively represented the entire conservative-liberal spectrum in defending what is actually the most fundamental "liberty" (as in "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"), their invisible successors, Egan and George, apparently really are too cowed by the pederasty scandal to do their jobs and ought to resign, especially since this leaves the even worse Mahoney (of LA) as the most prominent US Cardinal. What a ship of fools....

I wish Phoenix were an archdiocese (as by Catholic population, it should be!), since Bishop Olmstead would then eventually become a Cardinal himself.

John K. Walker


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