Friday, October 03, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin Wins Debate

I watched the debate last night and while I would agree that Senator Joe Biden did what he was suppose to do in order not to look stupid, Governor Sarah Palin resented so much energy to the event as to clearly win the debate and re-establish her credentials with the American people. She was articulate and prepared, handling the event with the confidence that people wanted to see. Now both candidates did not answer all the questions directly, but what one saw was the real side of both persons. Biden looked and sounded like a senator, even to the point of making his typical senatorial gaffes. One would not know he was making all sorts of mistakes it unless one was an expert those topics, such as his misstatements on Lebanon.

So give it up for the Governor who once again has redirected the conversation back to the differences between Obama and John McCain.

I think that he media does not want to touch on the issues between the candidates because the more the differences are noted, the better John McCain looks to the American people.


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