Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Delivers

Last night at the GOP Convention everyone anticipated Governor Sarah Palin's address to the delegates. The excitement was amazing and the fears of some were only matched by the confidence of others.

Well as you know by now she hit a home run. Or as one delegate said a grand slam.

As i listened to the speech, I could feel the excitement around me as she delivered each line with grace, poise and determination. After she would make an important point, she would pause and smile just a little, as if to say, don't mess with me.

Today as the GOP prepares for McCain's address to the nation, even the liberal pundits had to sit up and take notice that the small town major and governor form the energy rich state of Alaska is not going to wilt under the pressure of liberal biased media.

Perhaps now the campaign will focus on issues.

Perhaps now we can compare the Democratic Candidate who considers pregnancy a punishment with the Republican Candidate who welcomed and adopted a little baby with special medical needs

The one who cannot answer a simple question about when we as people get human rights versus John McCain who knows that all human rights commence at conception.

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