Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biden and Pelosi - Dumb and Dumber

One would think that the advisers to he Democrats would realize that bringing up the abortion issue does not win them votes among Catholics as a rule. So why is it that someone has not talked to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and explained it to them.

Old Joe probably would not understand. After all he knows the baby is alive not by science but by faith.

And ...Well... with the Speaker, perhaps it is because she knows everything.

After being gently rebuked on Monday for the stupid remarks she made on Meet the Press, Pelosi fired back today through her spokesman again citing Augustine as her support.

Ironic that tomorrow August 28th is the Feast of St. Augustine and that today is the feast of his mother St. Monica.

Well for those who want to understand the issue, here is the thumbnail version. Abortion was condemned by the Catholic Church since the beginning and remains to this day a mortal (very serious grievous) sin. The early church fathers did not care whether the soul had "animated " the fetus or not. It was still a serious evil. Augustine was applying 4th century medicine to understand the question. He did not have 4d ultrasound at his disposal. Can anyone including Nancy Pelosi look at a 4d ultrasound of an 11 week old unborn baby and NOT tell me the baby is alive?

Maybe we need to put 4d ultrasound movies of 11 week old unborn babies on television so that everyone, including Nancy Pelosi, will know that the unborn baby is alive and kicking?

do you think that if St. Augustine could view an ultrasound, he would agree that the baby is alive?

Since he opposed abortion even without knowing the scientific and medical facts that we now know, do you think that his opposition to abortion would increase to include as culpable all who are aware of this evil and do nothing to stop it?

Do you think he would have any kind words for Speaker Pelosi?

Here is the deal. Perhaps the Catholic bishop in her diocese will be forced to do something instead of ignoring the problem as he has done since he has been appointed. We are still waiting for a statement.

Perhaps the rest of the Catholic bishops throughout the country, who have pro-abortion "Catholic" representatives and senators exploiting the Catholic name, will excommunicate these individuals who are giving scandal to the "little ones" and force them to "choose" whether they want abortion or Christ.

There is something that hey are free to choose.

Do they want the abortion "choice" or the "choice" to receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist?

If Speaker Pelosi wants to receive Holy Communion, she must be in union with her Church and the Church's teachings.

Her bishop needs to act promptly lest he give scandal.

To all pro-life Democrats who are Catholic, this is what compromising on the abortion issue has done to your party. You are about to nominate a person for president who opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, supports partial birth abortion, is in league with Planned Parenthood and thinks that trying to determine when a baby get human rights is "above his pay grade."

Obama has picked Senator Biden to be his vice president. Biden flipped from a pro-life position after he decided he wanted to run for president in 1988. so he is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it is always unwise to underestimate one's opponents, it may well be that many public pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians such as Pelosi and Biden truly are as shallow and superficial as you characterize them, and are not themselves clever schemers (though they then must be being manipulated by other, cleverer ones, "Catholic" or not -- e.g. Schumer and Durbin), but it really doesn't make any difference. What does matter is the constant spinelessness of the Church hierarchy in dealing with this evil. It is crystal clear that around 1980 some cowardly and/or dishonest lawyer or accountant told American Bishops that their dioceses were in jeopardy of losing their tax exemptions if they continued their open and strong pro-life advocacy, opening the door for the surreal horror we see today of the de facto impunity of these ennablers of what the Church officially condemns as a "grave moral evil," but then only pays lip service to stopping. (Even a minimal motion to withold the sacraments from these hypocrites -- according to canon law they are actually supposed to be excommunicated! -- has been tabled down at the annual US Bishops Conference for years now.)

Either this issue is a moral imperative or it is not, so these Church "leaders" should either follow their vows and consciences by actively working to end legal abortion-on-demand and the participation of these ersatz believers (as, thankfully, at least Bishop Olmstead does here), or declare that the pro-"choice" side is essentially correct and just discourage abortion as something "regrettable," rather than a fundamental human rights violation demanding redress, damn the collateral consequences. (Yeh, right...)

So don't hold your breath waiting for Pelosi's, Biden's, Doug Kmiec's, and Andrew Sullivan's respective Bishops to do anything more than blather on.

John K. Walker


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