Friday, August 15, 2008

Democrat's platform problems continue

Someone should tell the Democrats that when they build their platform on sand, it is liable to be swept away. Oh - that's right - they do not consider such scriptural admonitions.

Their efforts to assuage those Democrats who are pro-life by sticking in some language that appears to support women who decide to have their babies has only highlighted the extreme pro-abortion position taken by the party that refused in 1992 to allow Governor Bob Casey of Pennsylvania to speak at the Democratic Convention because he was genuine pro-life fellow.

So in an effort to really pander to this group of disaffected Dems, Obama and the party are going to let Casey's son, the current senator from Pennsylvania, speak this time in Denver. The problem is the son cannot hold a candle to his father. He is a weak milk toast who fooled the people of his state and since being elected has voted more pro-abortion than pro-life garnering a 65% approval record from NARAL.

But the decision to pick him has only reminded people what the party did to his father. It also points a big light at Obama's record which is 100% pro-abortion according to NARAL.

My friend Barry Young talked about this the other day on the radio. He blasted the Democrats for attempting to con the American people.

The bottom line is that now that vacation season is over, the American people are going to realize that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate fielded by the Democratic Party in years. No amount of double-talk is going to change the fact that Obama wants federally funded abortions and abortion enshrined in the law for the next generation.

The American people are very uncomfortable with abortion on demand. They do not like the extreme pro-abortion position taken by the Democrats. Americans prefer to offer real help to these women facing unplanned pregnancies. Out efforts must be to promote the positive alternatives that respect life and show people that there is a better way.

Pro-Life means helping women and children, born and unborn.


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