Saturday, July 26, 2008

AZRTL-PAC Endorses John McCain for President

I am pleased to announce that the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed Senator John McCain for president of the United States. The PAC generally issues its endorsements in July following its examination of the records and candidate surveys that are sent and returned in June following the close of the filing process. The PAC will be issuing its endorsements of the county, state and federal races this week. Look to the website for the link that will identify who AZRTL believes will best represent the concerns of the pro-life community this fall.

As for the selection of Senator McCain, those following this blog have known my personal support for the Senator and my overall disgust with the duplicity of his opponent. I can only encourage everyone to use every effort to promote his candidacy and to clearly articulate the extreme pro-abortion position of Barack Obama.

We need a friend in the White House, someone with whom we can communicate, encourage and counsel. Pass the word among those who seem tired or weary with the process.: Obama is owned by Planned Parenthood. He has a slick message that is long on sweet sounding verbiage and short on real substance. His message though when distilled is this - America needs to moves to the left. America needs to become more like Europe. America must pay more to the government so that government can do more for you. In essence, he is asking the people of America to give up their self reliance, their independence, their freedoms and to trust in the security that Obama will bring.

As for protecting life, Obama could care less.

As for protecting unborn children, Obama could care less.

As for standing up against those who would destroy marriage and the family, Obama could care less.

He wants us to be tolerant of those who disagree with us, but tells us that we are the ones who have to change.

What ever has kept you on the sidelines, the time for passivity has ended. We must elect a president who believes in the traditions of this nation, the traditions of this culture and the traditions of this our western civilization. We must elect John McCain.


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