Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Continuing Pro-life Education

For those who surf the net, there are many pro-life websites with a lot of interesting information that can be of use both immediately and in the future. Of course I would first suggest that you make Arizona Right to Life your homepage. This will allow you to read the news of the day that relates to the pro-life movement across the country and throughout the world. and note if anything of critical importance is happening.

Then of course one may want to check out for a compendium of pro-life blog sites and posts relating to the days events.

Checking out the latest work of Virtuemedia or reviewing the latest efforts by Students for Life or the Second Look Project will give you hope. Indeed realizing how much is going on throughout the country on the pro-life front is one of the reasons that I continue to have hope both for the short term, i.e. the elections, and the long term.

Our own efforts in the valley were reflected in the leadership education series that AZRTL and LEC have collaborated to present to pro-life and pro-family organizations. We successfully held our first forum on June 28, 2008. I want to thank Trent and Melanie for a job well done.

So check out the good work going on around the country and then join us at Arizona Right to Life as we dedicate ourselves to the daily work of protecting, promoting and defending the right to life, one child at a time.


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