Monday, June 09, 2008

For the McCain Campaign -some unsolicited thoughts -

Everyone has advice for the Republican nominee, present company included. So concerniung the arena of life - right to life, that is, allow me to suggest some ideas for the Senator and his campaign. When I reference the McCain campaign, that would include all of the people involved whether working or volunteering for the campaign.

1.Gratitude. The first thing is not to take anything or anyone for granted. It is very important to show genuine appreciation for those whose support you seek. Regardless of the past, our mutual and overriding concern must be the country and the people who live in it.

2. Humility. A true understanding of what is happening should keep everyone humble and thankful for the opportunity to serve to hopefully make better the country. Each person can do something and the first thing is to ask the Good Lord for guidance and perseverance. There will be a lot of work to do.

3. Take nothing for granted. The presumptive Democratic nominee just defeated the heir apparent. She was a formidable and dangerous politician. She was supported by the pro-abortion femi-nazis (as Rush would call them) and they will be looking to sow their desperation on the nearest victim. While common sense and good judgment would declare that the American people would never support the most liberal member of the U. S. Senate, never put past it the media to abandon all pretense of fairness to get their person into office.

4. Stand firm on the issues that protect life. Do not shy away from standing tall as a pro-life campaign. Ignore the efforts by the media to divide the various interests that should naturally support McCain. McCain and his campaign for their part should never avoid an opportunity to gain support from credible groups and to find the common alliance that should match the desires and needs of various pro-life and pro-family groups. Do not take the pro-life and pro-family groups for granted. Engage in honest conversation of how mutual interests can be met. After all it is about protecting and preserving life for all persons born and unborn. It is about promoting adoption and eliminating those social and economic pressures that drive women to consider abortion.

5. Be accessible. Meet with the women who have been exploited by abortion and listen to their stories. Then work with them to approach other who can support a campaign that will really make an effort to improve family life.

6. Communicate. Sit down with pro-life and pro-family leaders for private conversations. I don't just mean the Senator. The leadership in the campaign needs to understand what motivates these leaders. Do not get your information strained through some on staff person who is suppose to know the pro-life movement. Meet the local leaders and do not be so proud as to not ask them for insight at the local level. Then match that information with your plans to get out the vote.

7. Become knowledgeable on the important issues that resonate with pro-lifers. Obviously we want to end abortion. But we also want to stop the millions of federal tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood. Pro-lifers want the courts to protect all children. While we strive for that, we also want to protect women from being killed or maimed in these mills by passing regulatory legislation.

8. Understand the Movement. The pro-life movement is not a monolithic movement. Never was - never will be. There are varieties of organizational models and approaches, and the truth be known, some folks are not very fond of one another. But the one thing that keeps us going and the one thing that unites us above all else is our relentless and continuing opposition to those who would force us to accept abortion. In the 1990s after Perot siphoned off votes from Bush I to give Bill Clinton the victory, pro-lifers saw how quickly Clinton dismantled the small gains made previously. We watched them offer the Freedom of Choice Act to stop pro-lifers from exercising their first amendment rights. We saw pro-abortion liberal appointments made to the federal bench. The "pro-choicers" are not shy about demanding litmus tests and promises made in blood. No one who is a tried and true pro-life advocate for the unborn children wants to return to a time when the pro-aborts appointed disasters such as Jocelyn Elders.

My father has a line he always throws at myself and my children. "Pay attention," he tells me.

Well this race is going to be about paying attention to the issue that clearly distinguishes the two candidates. McCain is pro-life. Obama is not. McCain will appoint judges who respect he right to life. Obama will appoint judges who will give more power to the state. McCain accepted and adopted a child and made her a part of his family. Obama considers children a punishment. McCain knows about the preciousness of life. Obama wants us to believe he thinks it is a moral issue - but he embraces and endorses the largest abortion factory in the world.

But it is up to the McCain campaign to invite and encourage the collaboration needed to restore respect for all human life. The pro-life community wants to end the killing. Let us strive to protect all innocent human life so that this nation may embrace the real hope that comes in the smile of a child.


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