Monday, March 31, 2008

Picking the Vice-President

McCain should NOT pick Romney

Today John McCain campaigned in Utah and Mitt Romney was at his side showing his support for the Arizona Senator. Campaigning in Utah is natural fro Mitt and his good attitude in helping McCain must be commended. Mitt Romney can help John McCain raise money for a very expensive fall campaign, something very important if the Republicans are to win the White House in November.

But Mitt Romney, while he may be considered for a cabinet level post, should not be presented or suggested as a candidate for vice-president. As posted here in the past, Romney’s history, as a senate candidate in Massachusetts and later as governor, did not play well for most pro-lifers. While Governor he did not advocate for the unborn as a pro-life governor. Massachusetts health care “reform” was not pro-life. Certainly while there were some who accepted his recent “change of heart,” others have remained skeptical and critical. He would not draw pro-life advocates to the campaign except in isolated situations. In order for him to show credibility in his new found pro-life position, Romney needs to put his money where his mouth is on the pro-life issue. Given his extreme wealth, he should spend some of that wealth on funding pregnancy centers in places like New York City or Los Angeles where pro-life groups do valiant work every day on shoestring budgets. He should fund national radio and television advertisements showing America the unborn child in 4d ultrasound and offering to help women through their unplanned pregnancies. Then having given to help the modern equivalent of the “widow and the orphan,’ he can provide good faith proof of his intentions. After all if we want to reduce the number of abortions, we must offer real help and real hope to those who need our assistance.

Romney will not provide McCain with a region or a constituency that would help in the electoral vote. This is a key factor in looking for a running mate.

Finally, if Mitt Romney is to contribute to the national stage now or in the future, he is best suited to do something that does not see him as still running for president. People need to see him doing something for the country for its own sake and not as a stepping stone to the White House. He can help McCain by going to his base of support and encouraging them to support the nominee of the party. He should also publicly rebuke fellows like Doug Kmiec for Kmiec’s less than helpful though obviously self serving remarks.

So who does McCain consider? Well, those thoughts will be the subject of another post.


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