Monday, June 23, 2008

Starting with prayer

Last night a number of concerned citizens gathered at the state capitol to pray that the governor would sign the partial birth abortion bill. It was a spontaneous last minute Spirit led event and included people from different religious traditions. The common denominator was each person's belief first in the power and importance of prayer. As we stood quietly holding our candles and praying that God's will be done, I thought of the strength that underlies the pro-life movement and why by God's grace we shall prevail. This strength is based upon the fact that it is not about us. We are concerned about the children, their mothers, the fathers, the country, the world, even our enemies. We care about them and as a result people will show up on a Sunday night at the last minute to join with their brothers and sisters to pray for a governor who has been heartless toward the unborn. Yet we care about her heart and her soul.

Our enemies do not understand this. Well most of them,that is. Every so often we move someone and they come to realize that we care about mother and child. After all who is it that populates these emergency pregnancy resources as volunteers? Who volunteers and gathers the baby supplies for the mothers with the newborns? Who spends their days transporting these women to the doctors and hospitals? Who financially supports the maternity homes and pregnancy resource centers? Pro-lifers, that's who. Every day in a sacrificial way, our friends and neighbors are reaching out and helping those in need.

So to those in the midst of the fray, my thanks. and keep us all in prayer.


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