Wednesday, September 03, 2008

At the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota

Well here I am at the GOP convention. Arrived Tuesday afternoon and after a short visit to the St. Paul Cathedral ( beautiful), I made my way to the Xcel Center where I met up with Hugh Hewitt and listened to Tommy Espinoza of Phoenix give one of the speeches in support of Senator McCain. what i found very interesting was the lack of any coverage in the local press to the story about a major Hispanic leader speaking at the republican convention. His remarks were powerful and from the heart.

The convention has been galvanized by McCain's pick of Governor Palin. And as Peggy Noonan said, her entry into the world of national politics would change the face of women in politics for years to come. If the Republicans can get behind this team and share her story with the American people, there will be such a response as none have seen.

Americans are looking for authenticity. They want real people, not fluff stuff served up by a condescending media and elitist press. While they are capable of great periods of apathy, at heart all of us want what is best for the nation.

Protecting human life is something good, true and beautiful .

Sarah Palin wants to protect all innocent human life.

So the media has set out to destroy her. And it will continue to get even more viscous as the media realizes that there is not much to use. They cannot allow for an articulate conservative woman to be liked by the American people. It violates their world view that an accomplished women would be pro-life, pro-family, and fiscally sound. Imagine what would happen to the liberal control of the Democratic party if Democrat women realized that they did not have to kiss the feet of the pro=abortion pro-homosexual power in the party. Imagine if Latinos and Blacks told the party that they do not and will not support the culture of death but instead want a culture of Life. Imagine woman and men doing what is natural to their nature - defending and protecting innocent human life.

The attacks on Sarah and her family have been horrid. But they are only words compared with the attack the enemy makes every day on the unborn babies throughout this country. Stand up and defend the right to life. Get involved as if your life and their lives depend on it.

Hopefully I will be able to post more as the day continues.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Kelly Townsend said...

Thank you, John. It was great to meet you at AZRTL and I am confident you will speak words of hope and power to those around you while you are there. May God's hand hold us steady as we witness amazing things during this season, and in faith we know that He will bring victory in this fight for life. We stand proudly as we watch His mighty work, and I am grateful that you have gone to MSP to represent those here in AZ who also stand with you in spirit there. Godspeed.


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