Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Stakes Are High - the unborn depend on you

Perhaps it is my simple faith in the basic decency of people that accounts for my generally optimistic view of the world. Yes, I know man is fallen and prone to sin. Yes, I realize that there will never be heaven on earth and that every day affords each of us an opportunity to grow in the grace of God. That having been said, why is it that among those who should be pleased with the choice of Governor Palin, a strongly pro-life candidate who chose life for her most recent child, do I find rancor and bitterness and a doomsday mentality?

Is it because their old enemy John McCain has turned out to be a fairly smart politician? Or is it perhaps that he has actually listened to those who have advised him to choose someone that could relate to the base?

How many times does he have to state it for the record that he is pro-life? How many times does he have to promise to select judges like Roberts and Alito? How many times does he have to point out his 26 year record of pro-life votes?

McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin has energised the Republican Party in a way that I have never in my 36 years of political life ever seen. She has excited people who were glum about this election. She has reminded women that they do not have not settle for warmed over dried out pro-abortion feminism to put a woman in the White House or at least next door. She has shown a real compassion for for children in a way that dismisses the liberal village approach to that corner. She is sharp and if you do not believe me, then watch her on some of the interviews this past spring.

For all the noise surrounding John McCain, I see someone who truly believes that he is following a special call this time. His love of country is genuine. He is as Peggy Noonan has characterized from the "old America." As I have watched him, I have noticed a difference in the way he carries himself. There is a "something" that has given me the opinion that he is really listening to those of us who also care about this country.

The stakes are very high. This is not some lab experiment where we have more than one chance to get it right. The election of a Democrat who favors abortion, who wants to promote abortion, who calls pregnancy a punishment, who cannot with an honest face tell us when a baby gets human rights, who misrepresented his position on the infanticide bill while in the State senate in Illinois, who has promised planned Parenthood that the first bill he wants to sing into law is the Freedom of Choice Act which would nullify all state law restrictions on abortion and who wants tax payer funded abortion through universal health care, would be a disaster for the children and their mothers.

So please do not waste your vote on a third party candidate. Ask these third party candidates why they have not been building up their constituencies over the last four years. Ask them why they want to see Barack Obama win the White House. Ask them to justify having the Democrats control both the executive and legislative branches of government. Ask them to remember the Carter days.

Then remember what I have said about this campaign all along.

McCain is pro-life. (the stem cell issue is, thanks to science, yesterday's news and he knows it and supports adult stem cell research).

McCain will select pro-life judges. Please remember if he is elected and the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary want to play games, he will not compromise with those former colleagues, he will pick some brother senator like a John Cornyn from Texas who is well respected by his colleagues. He is not going to let them define him or control him.

McCain wants Roe v. Wade reversed. He has repeatedly stated that he wants Roe reversed. He has told me numerous times that it is a terrible decision. He recently said it during an interview the other day.

McCain wants to improve the prospects for adopting children. Think about it. There are over 2 million couples certified to adopt and over 1 million abortions each year. McCain has an adopted daughter. He and his wife Cindy will be advocates to promote adoption over abortion. With fellows like Senator Sam Brownback to assist, we could create an environment that welcomes children as opposed to disposing of them.

McCain wants to shrink the size of government and reduce wasteful spending. What is more wasteful than giving Planned Parenthood money for its sickening programs. A McCain-Palin Administration could shut off the wasteful spending and seriously cripple Planned Parenthood.

I realize that setting aside old grudges is difficult. Yet for the sake of the unborn children I would hope that we all could agree to set aside differences and work to elect McCain-Palin and defeat the pro-abortionists Obama and Biden.


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