Monday, September 08, 2008

Flunking High School Biology

Perhaps the American education system is not so great after all.

Perhaps we need to review what it is we are teaching our students especially in biology.

I say this because I am once again flabbergasted to read that not only does the democratic presidential nominee claim not to know when human life begins, but now we have the vice presidential hopeful stating that while he believes life begins at conception, it is a matter not of science but of faith.

It seems Joe Biden was asked on Meet the Press when life began. He told Tom Brokaw that for him, life began at conception. But instead of recognizing the scientific reality such an answer reflects, he made it into an article of faith.

The problem is for Joe Biden that it is not an article of faith. It is a scientific fact.

Is he a part of the flat earth society that believes the earth is flat?
Would he have argued in the 1850s that while he believed that Blacks were human beings, he could not impose such a belief on his fellow man through laws that would protect all persons?

What about atheists? Can they not know the facts of life without believing in God?
Did someone tell Nat Hentoff about this?

Has Biden read what Hentoff has said about Obama?

Acknowledging the humanity of the unborn child is not an act of faith. Any person can use his reason to determine from the scientific evidence when the individual human person's life begins. Biology tells all of us, even Joe Biden and Barack Obama, that the human being commences his or her life at the moment of conception. If you cannot read, just watch an ultrasound of an eleven week old unborn baby and tell me who or what is moving in the mother's womb.

And it is not exactly difficult to do a little homework to figure out the the unborn child is a member of the human family.

A couple of fellows though who cannot figure out the difference between accepting something on faith as opposed to understanding science do not strike me as competent to hold the highest office in the land.

Perhaps they need to repeat high school biology.


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