Tuesday, September 30, 2008

time to get serious

The last few days the economic problems of Wall Street have stolen all of the time, attention and energy from the presidential campaign. All of this is being fanned by the media which sees it inuring to the benefit of Barack Obama. Certain Democrats and Republicans in Washington have been to willing to trust everything to one person. Fortunately the people want some more safeguards and some real reform of the system. So how do these events affect the life issues?

First I find the timing interesting. Forget October surprise. they want an entire fall set of surprises.

Second, it was interesting that as long as the social issues, marriage, family, pro-life were in the news, McCain's stock was rising and Obama's falling. This once again proves the unconventional wisdom that being pro-life is a winning issue.

The press was frustrated that Obama was not doing better. They even began to play the race card. Then Paulson comes out with the "sky is falling" announcement and all of a sudden the media is in control talking about issues that the average person cannot easily understand without a grease board.

Well there is no doubt that the r is a serious situation that must be properly addressed. But as one might advise a client, never sign anything without reading or understanding it. The risks are just too great. That advice applies to Congress as well.

So with the "above my pay grade" gift being shelved for now, we in the pro-life movement have got to get back to good old fashioned one on one communications. Each of us needs to promote to sympathetic voters the importance of electing John McCain. Depending on how the person is approaching the campaign will affect your arguments to support McCain. If the person is of a particular religious persuasion, use the teachings of that tradition to help them form their conscience to choose wisely. If the person likes to think of himself as logical and analytical, use the common sense arguments that do not touch upon religion. Understand your audience.

From a pro-life point of view, there is no choice. John McCain will act to protect human life, will not promote abortion, will select judges who respect the natural law
and the constitution, and will not allow your tax dollars to be spent killing babies.

Barack Obama will do the opposite.

Obama is owned and controlled lock stock and barrel by Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion services in the world. They want abortions paid for by the taxpayer. So if Planned parenthood gets its way, the over one million abortions would cosat teh taxpayer anywhere from 600,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 dollars.

Obsma supports the so called Freedom of Choice Act that would dismantle all state laws restricting abortions.

He will choose only liberal pro-abortion judges for the Supreme Court.

The Democrats have embraced the culture of death with their platform and with their candidate.

Only you and I are set to keep them from destroying this country though the wholesale marketing of abortion.

This is not hyperbole. These are the facts.

No one who truly respects human life can support people who would allow for its destruction.

send a donation to Arizona Right to Life so we can continue to educate the public on the truth about the destructive nature of abortion - a destructive nature not just to the mother, not just to the child, not just to the father, but the the whole natuion as well.


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