Friday, November 21, 2008

Pray and Work

Perhaps the most effective thing that any pro-life person could do during this critical time is pray for the conversion of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Justice Kennedy went on the high court as someone who, based upon his background and history, should have ruled in favor of ending the malevolent legacy of Roe. Yet when the critical time came, he choked or folded or was told -who knows.

Yet perhaps the prayers of those who truly are concerned not just for the millions of babies, not just for the future of this nation, not just for the countless exploited women, but also for the sake of one man's soul were to pray for Anthony Kennedy, then God in His mercy might further inspire and we might see the restoration of Kennedy and an acknowledgment of the reality that all innocent human life must be protected and preserved in law.

Aside from the need for constant prayer, we must continue big time to educate our own who are easily lulled and seduced by the allures of this world.

Finally at the grassroots level, pro-lifers must reorganize and prepare for 2010, choosing candidates who will embrace the sanctity of life as a foundational principle. But we cannot wait for others to act. Each one of us must begin at the precinct level to build a culture of life, supporting our local pro-life groups and pregnancy resource centers. Volunteer with a local right to lie group and ask to become a speaker at the local high school or college. Set up an online pro-life club and pass around educational information that will help provide support for arguments that support the cause. Be creative and involve young people so that they will take an ownership interest in the movement. They are after all the survivors.

There is much to do. Ora et labora. Pray and Work. Important words that have echoed throughout the centuries.


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