Monday, February 02, 2009

Pro-abort Daschle should withdraw

Former Senator Tom Daschle is pathetic. Nominated by Obama to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services, it was disclosed just days before his expected confirmation that he owed the government over $128,0000 in back taxes. Now lets put aside his pro-abortion politics. Ignore the lobby laden fortune his wife made while he was a sitting senator. At a time when the government is broke and cannot manage its own affairs, do we need someone who cannot handle his own situation and pay his taxes when due. As the fellow who voted on all these tax increases over all these years, the least he could do was pay his share. Nor is this some simple oversight. Anyone one of us could give a pass to some simple accounting errors. But given the important post of secretary of HHS, the person should have a clean unblemished record.

What makes it even more sad is the whining that Daschle has done in the media.

Every senator should vote to reject this nomination.


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