Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflections: Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

Sitting here at my desk on Christmas Eve getting ready to join fellow pro-lifers in front of a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to pray the Rosary, I thought I would reflect on what we all need to consider at this time of year and remind ourselves that our hope must always remain in the One who birth we celebrate tonight.

Throughout history those who have held to the Truth have been attacked and maligned. Even in times when the prevailing culture recognized the truth of the Judeo-Christian perspective, there were outside forces seeking to destroy it. Our struggle to respect life and dignity is not just with in our souls but a part of the fabric of human society.

So today’s attack on life is only another effort by evil to turn man from the good. In times past we have sometimes met the challenge and other times failed. History has taught us the consequences of failure in the body counts of various holocausts.

So then how do we approach our present age? Is it with cynicism or hope? Do we listen to those who predict the end or do we redouble our efforts?

Those of you who know me already know the answer to these questions.

We never quit.

We never give up.

We continue to fight for the lives of these little ones and to prevent the exploitation of their mothers. We promote the dignity of every human life and remind fathers that they are to be role models to their sons and daughters. We stand against the powers of evil with the truth. For only the truth can set us free.

This Christmas we celebrate the birth of a child who brought life in to the world, who was the hope of His people Israel and a light to the Gentiles. In Him we see the precious reality that all human life is sacred and blessed, that each on of us has a purpose and reason for being and that all of us are called to respect and protect all innocent human life.

This Christmas – pray for our nation that it will humble itself, turn from its wicked ways and choose life. Pray for those involved in the pro-life movement that they will not be disheartened but encouraged to fight even more readily to protect life. Pray for religious leaders that they will have the courage to stand up for life. And pray that you will be convicted to make a real difference in this most important struggle of our time.

May Our Lord bless you and those you love during this Holy Season of Christmas.


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