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Caroline Kennedy - continuing the pro-death tradition

Anne Hendershott has an article in the Wall Street Journal that identifies Caroline Kennedy as a next generation pro-abortion Kennedy. Of course she just joins her cousins and uncle who have made their mark supporting the death of innocents while claiming the mantle of the the modern American Catholic. The scandal of the Kennedy family, with the noted exception of Eunice Shriver, has been ignored by most of the Church hierarchy and the resulting damage has been as detrimental to the Church's public persona as the recent scandals involving church personnel and their inability to control keep their vows and obey the teachings of the Church.

Of course for the last fifty years we have been treated to the public double standard reflected in the media. There are the Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Chris Matthews types who are "enlightened" according to the press and then the "bishops" (arguably the orthodox ones) who should either shut up or bend to the times or get relevant or admit that the teachings need to change... Well you get the idea.

Yet the recent actions by the local bishop of Phoenix in addressing the ongoing scandal caused by a formerly popular local priest is a lesson for the other ordinaries in the country as they deal with the souls of errant political figures who claim the Catholic affiliation.

Simply stated, if we Catholics believe that a Catholic (or indeed anyone) who endorses or supports or votes for acts, bills or measures that will advance, support or continue a material evil and that cooperation with said evil would have an eternally debilitating effect on one's soul, it would be the height of charity (for you liberals that means real love), to deny the person the sacraments, publicly excommunicate him or her, and beg them to repent in order to save their own soul.

After all it would be very mean to leave them to their own perdition and for them to have to totally rely on the mercy of God, who would have to balance the 50 million souls murdered by the abortion industry, when all they would have to do is repent of the sin of supporting abortion and begin to support protecting all innocent human life.

That is - unless they believe they do not have to - or they believe it does not matter. or they just don't believe.

in that case God will be their judge.

And as the judge use to say to the condemned prisoner - May God have mercy on your soul.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Joe said...

How do we get the Catholic Church to take a strong stand in this area? How do we get other churches to do the same?

Why won't Cardinal Egan in New York strongly condemn Caroline Kennedy's support for anti-human violence?

I am not sure that the unborn human rights movement will prevail until we take a very strong stand and really start to roll back the abortionist tide.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bravo; this is your best column ever, and I say this while being totally opposed to rhetorical gestures that simply make people feel good about themselves without actually accomplishing anything. I would add that there is no getting around the conclusion that Bishops (NYC's Cardinal George, in the Caroline Kennedy case, but innumerable others) who allow this deplorable pro-abortion political behavior by office holders and commentators, in blatant violation of all Christian moral standards, Roman Catholic Church teaching, and scientific principles, must be either financially or morally compromised (e.g the pederasty scandal) themselves. It is positively surreal that in executing his office faithfully here, Bishop Olmstead seems the EXCEPTION!

And for posterity, along with the ones you mentioned and such other historical and/or ongoing "Catholic" disgraces as "Fr." Robert Drinan, "Fr." Andrew Greeley (how can pro-abortion Priests even remain unsanctioned for violating canon law with what is supposed to be excommunicable conduct?), Mario Cuomo, Andrew Sullivan, Christipher Buckley, Dick Durbin, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, George Mitchell, Tom Foley, Bill Bennett (like the late Sen. Moynihan, a hypocrite who knows better, apparenty infulenced by his media pals Cuomo and Colin Powell), etc., please never neglect to give all due recognition to the single most publically influential pro-abortion, apparent "member in good standing" of the Church from the very outset of the aborion debate: Phil Donahue, with his wife Marlo Thomas being a strong contender for second place in this grisly lineup. And of course, "Justice" William Brennan was chiefly responsible for Roe v. Wade (along with Williom O. Douglas, far more than their stooge author Harry Blackmun), the all-time biggest American lie (constitutionally, scientifically, and morally) ever uttered.

In fact, the only high office- holder I have ever heard renounce his pro-abortion record as you properly pray for these others to do was the late New York Governor Hugh Carey. His disgusting successor Cuomo, Caroline's uncle Ted Kennedy, Durbon (my former congressman), and Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy are all "Catholics" who were formerly pro-life until experiencinig the sort of media-approved "enlightenment" you describe, along with many others such as Jesse Jackson, Richard Gephardt, Cecil Andrus (a significant, under-reported turncoat case), etc.

At least Caroline Kennedy's late brother John maintained an honest and openminded public stance. In Caroline's case, it is impossible for me to understand how she must be dismissing the stillbirth of her younger brother Patrick, who was properly baptized and buried early in her father's administration. (Wasn't this baby really just a mass of protoplasm?) And the polling data I've seen indicates that US Catholics voted in HIGHER numbers for Obama/Biden than did the general population!


John K. Walker

At 10:10 PM, Blogger John J. Jakubczyk said...

Thnaks for your kind words. Actually it is Cardinal Egan who is archbishop of New York. and it is frustrating because for those who believe, there is a real concern for the souls of these lost? misdirected? (perhaps stupid) or simply careless peeople who are more concerned about their status and circles of influence than that which is most important.

I just wish the hierarchy was as serious about this issue as would benefit the unborn and their mothers.

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right, I apologize for confusing Egan (NYC) with George (Chicago). Neither one has been as remotely upfront about the sanctity of life as their respective late predecessors O'Connor (a political conservative) and Bernadin (a liberal). I also failed to mention a few other pseudo-Catholic pro-"choice" American politicians of note: Rudolph Giuliani (who makes a point about how much he benefitted from Catholic education, although he must not have been listening), Jerry Brown (a former seminarian who also worked in Calcutta with Mother Theresa!), Arnold Schwarzeneggar (who, unfortunately, must not listen to his courageous mother-in-law) and Arizona's own Bruce Babbit (who once declared that he learned his pro-abortionism at Notre Dame University -- I hope he was deluding himself). And of course, there are scads of non-Catholic hypocrites of this sort as well.

"Joe," in his first comment above, is absolutely right on in his insightful criticism of the Church for permitting this nightmare to persist for decades, with apparent impunity for the perpetrators. Although it has done a commendable job with crisis pregnancy intervention (along with many Protestant and secular groups), not since the late 1970's has the US Catholic Church even made a good faith effort toward its human-rights obligation to work to legally protect pre-birth children's lives.

And of course, things are even worse in other countries. For example, why didn't Tony Blair's recent conversion -- he was actually baptized by the Pope! -- come with the requirement that he reverse his longstanding, deeply pro-abortion public position? In the UK's recent debate over the number of weeks of pregnancy during which British women may obtain no-questions-asked, publically funded convenience abortions, he objected that life-protective legislation should be resisted because it would "criminalize women" there -- reminiscent of what William Wilberforce faced for decades in Parliament before finally banning the UK's slave trade, the 200th anniversary of which these same people hypocritically celibrated about a couple of years ago....

As usual, rhetoric over reality....

John K. Walker


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