Friday, January 02, 2009

helping Maggie's Place

Maggie's Place recently had a fire at at main house and we should pray for their efforts to get things back to normal. Things are underway to help out. Please read the attached letter and do what you can.


Dear Maggie's Place extended community,

The Magdalene House, our first home located in downtown Phoenix, has experienced a tragic electrical fire in the attic around 1 am on Wednesday morning, leaving the house in need of massive repair. All of the moms, babies, and staff were evacuated from the house immediately and no one experienced any injury. The Red Cross responded with generosity in meeting the immediate housing and food needs of our home, allowing us time to formulate a plan.

This home holds many dear memories, having been the place of our founding and having welcomed hundreds of moms and babies into a safe and loving environment. We find ourselves experiencing heartache to see the house in despair.

As word of the fire has spread, many have enquired about how to be of assistance. Below we have included some thoughts. We will share additional information as it becomes available.

Immediate Needs:
1. 30 volunteers for a Work Day on Saturday, Jan 3 from 9 am til 1 pm. Please

RSVP to or (602) 262-5555 in order to avoid having too many volunteers. Address and directions will be sent with confirmation of RSVP. Please bring trucks, wheelbarrows/handcarts and work gloves if you have them available. Work will be dirty and will involve lifting. No children please. Please note that while the house is not structurally dangerous, some renovation efforts are already underway. We are asking that volunteers come alert and able to be fully engaged with the cautions and tasks at hand.

2. Simple meals to be delivered to the temporary housing for The Magdalene House community. Meals to be coordinated by Miranda at or (440) 212-0531 (Temporary Number). Please note that there is no refrigeration or stove available.

3. Prayers for the fortitude, patience, and peace of all involved, especially the members of The Magdalene House community.

4. Patience as we continue to formulate a plan and address the needs of our community during this difficult and unexpected event.

Long-term Needs:
1. Room sponsors for each room of The Magdalene House. Room sponsorship involves coordinating paint, furniture, and basic furnishings. Items need to be durable and in good condition but not new. If you or your group are interested in helping in this way, please email at

The Magdalene House was covered by the property insurance of Maggie's Place however, we are always grateful for your contributions to our work. Contributions can be made online at or via mail by sending a check to Maggie's Place at PO Box 1102, Phoenix, AZ 85001.

The Magdalene House will not be aceepting in-kind donations until further notice. In-kind donations can be redirected to The Elizabeth House in Tempe or The Michael House in Glendale. We are in the process of redirecting the phones from The Magdalene House. In the interim, calls can be directed to The Fiat House, (602) 262-5555 or (440) 212-0531. We appreciate the support of our extended community in helping The Magdalene House rebuild their home.

With gratitude,

Mary E. Peterson, Executive Director and Co-Founder


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